1303 Tel-U Graduates Are Ready for Professional and Entrepreneurial Careers

1303 Tel-U Graduates Are Ready for Professional and Entrepreneurial Careers

Bandung, 18 March 2023

On the Graduation Period II Academic Year 2022/2023 agenda, Telkom University officially graduated 1303 graduates, including Masters, Bachelors, Applied Scholars, and Associate Experts, on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

This graduation ceremony was held offline in the Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH). As the pandemic conditions diminished, the graduates had the chance to be accompanied personally by their parents, who were also present at the same location while health precautions were still being implemented.

In his remarks, Telkom University rector Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya expressed appreciation and praised all Telkom University graduates. As a graduate of Indonesia’s top private campus, he believes that the graduate profile meets current industry standards.

“Congratulations to all graduates who have completed their education at Tel-U campus. Dear colleagues, this may be the end of the college journey, but it is actually the beginning of a life journey. Prove that you are Tel-U Alumni, give your best and stay humble,” said Adiwijaya.

Dr. M. Samsuri, the head of Region IV Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI), attended as well and expressed his appreciation and motivation to Tel-U graduates who would soon be working and contributing to the country.

“I would like to express my appreciation to all graduates.” In terms of competency, I feel Tel-U has fulfilled all the necessary to assist students. My message is to be humble and open to suggestions from anyone. “Successful people are individuals who provide numerous benefits to their surroundings,” Samsuri stated.

The number of graduates from each of Tel-U’s seven schools is as follows: School of Electrical Engineering 273 graduates; School of Industrial Engineering 101 graduates; School of Informatics 297 graduates; School of Economics and Business 207 graduates; School of Communication and Business 236 graduates; School of Creative Industries 138 graduates; and School of Applied Sciences 51 graduates.

Following the inauguration procession, the graduates will join Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST), which has over 72 thousand alumni spread across 30 countries. Dr. Sri Safitri, chairman of FAST, encouraged today’s youth to be able to value time and thrive wherever they go.


“Congratulations to all Tel-U graduates. I hope you may be a person who appreciates time. Everyone is given the same amount of time; what decides whether a person succeeds or fails is how they utilize their time. “This graduation marks the transition of all graduates into adulthood, the point at which you begin to control your own life,” Sri said.


Finally, the rector of Telkom University encourages graduates to continue making their parents happy, as God Almighty will definitely make them happy and be an inspiration for success in the future.


“We hope that Telkom University alumni always give their best and continue to contribute to the Indonesian nation.”

Writer: Abdullah Adnan | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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