17 Best Chocolate Costumes (& Where to Buy Online)

17 Best Chocolate Costumes (& Where to Buy Online)

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Looking for a chocolate costume for your next Halloween party? These chocolate candy costumes both creative and classic will satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as making you the center of attention (for as long as you want to be).

But Halloween isn’t the only time you might need to express your love for all things chocolate, so some of my picks include warm weather chocolate costumes, as well as popular chocolate costumes, candy costumes for kids, and unique chocolate-themed costumes, all of which are kid-friendly.

So get ready to showcase your (or your kid’s) passion for the sweet stuff with some of these scrumptious ensembles!

Popular Chocolate Candy Costumes

M&M’s Costume

M&M’s costumes are a classic choice, offering vibrant colors and a playful design suitable for all ages, but more popular with little kids and adults. Young kids tend to most enjoy M&M’s rompers and dresses for an easy-to-wear and comfortable option.

Adult costumes come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from simple t-shirts to more elaborate hooded outfits. An M&M costume is a great choice for color-themed parties, group outfits, and an easy chocolate costume with high recognition.

However, finding costumes in larger sizes has proven difficult; for a budget-friendly, low maintenance option, go with an M&M T-shirt and pants or shorts in the same color.

Snickers Costume

A Snickers bar costume is perfect for chocolate candy fanatics who want a fun, quirky costume with a nod to their favorite treat. These Snickers costumes cater to both adults and children, featuring the iconic Snickers logo on an oblong wrapper, with space for your head.

The well-known design and the quick identification are great selling points, but limited, somewhat expensive options could prove to be barriers to entry. It may also be hard to find an accurate representation of the bar, so if you’re stuck on Snickers, I’d shop early.

Kit Kat Costume

Infuse some ‘break-time fun’ into the party with a Kit Kat bar costume. You’ll find a variety of creative options online for both adults and children, including a couple stylish dresses and at least one pretty theatrical jumpsuit, as well as a few creative interpretations on Etsy.

You can purchase other eye-catching Kit Kat costumes at Fantasy Toyland, which has a diverse selection of styles and some cute designs and pretty accurate branding.

Reese’s Cup Costume

Pay tribute to the childhood favorite of peanut butter and chocolate with a Reese’s-themed costume! You’ll find playful costumes designed like the iconic Reese’s cup wrapper for adults and even more adorable options for little ones.

Check out Amazon for the largest selection of Reese’s costumes that I’ve found so far, most which could be good options for warm weather, though some styles may not suit everyone. Positives include the distinctive design and recognizable branding, though some people may run into potential sizing constraints.

Hershey’s Costume

Dress up as America’s most distinctive chocolate with a Hershey’s bar costume. These costumes come in various styles, from realistic chocolate bar replicas to clever fabric adaptations. Available for all ages, you can find a Hershey’s bar costume on Amazon, though they may not be as elaborate as some other candy costumes.

The classic chocolate theme tends to be immediately recognized, at least in the US, though there’s definitely limited variety in designs.

Best Candy Costumes for Kids

In this section, we’ll explore some amazing chocolate candy costumes for kids. Feast your eyes on these mouth-watering chocolate costume ideas!

Tootsie Roll Costume

A Tootsie Roll costume is perfect for youngsters who love this classic chewy chocolaty treat. This adorable and easy-to-wear outfit will make your child the sweetest trick-or-treater in the neighborhood. You can find a cute Tootsie Roll costume at Amazon with sizes suitable for toddlers and young children.

Kisses Costume

Make your child’s Halloween memorable with a Hershey’s Kisses costume. This ensemble features the iconic silver wrapper and a flat-bottomed chocolate shape, perfect for little chocolate lovers. Just like the real thing, this costume is hard to resist! Check out this inflatable pick for a unique Hershey’s Kiss costume for children.

Twix Costume

Help your child show off their love for the delicious combination of chocolate, caramel, and cookie with a Twix-themed costume. This outfit will be a hit at any costume party or any trip out trick-or-treating. Head over to Wonder Costumes to find a Twix costume perfect for kids who adore this tasty treat.

Milky Way Costume

Transform your child into a galactic candy bar with a Milky Way costume! This delightful ensemble will make them the star of any Halloween event, perfect for kids who enjoy the nougat-filled chocolate bar. While I haven’t found this costume online anywhere, you can make your own with a bit of material’s form your local crafts store.

Cadbury Costume

Iconic and widely beloved, a Cadbury-themed costume will make your child stand out in a sea of candy-covered kids. Whether it’s the classic Dairy Milk or the delectable Creme Egg, there’s a Cadbury costume to suit every little chocolate lover’s taste buds. Visit Etsy for some unique Cadbury costumes, as simple as a t-shirt.

Candy Costumes for Warm Weather

Candy Land Costume for Kids (Girls)

Children who adore the game Candy Land will enjoy a ‘sweet’ costume experience with this candy girl costume for kids. Available in various sizes, it’s designed for kids aged 13 and under, and will probably be more popular with girls than boys.

This outfit isn’t specifically for Candy Land, but represents a candy theme, and is perfect for warm weather occasions like a Halloween in the South.

Dress Up America Gumball Machine Costume

This gumball machine costume is a fun and creative option for kids, though there are some less-3D picks out there. The costume is made up of a whimsical gumball machine design is comfortable for warm weather. One advantage of this outfit is its unique design, though it may be less convenient for easy storage and transportation.

Box of Chocolates Costume

A homemade box of chocolates costume is a great choice for kids because it’s unique, creative, and fun, especially for kids who enjoy naming each bonbon. It allows your kid to express their love for sweets, and when making it yourself, it can even work for a few years in a row. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter, and may lead to some fun interactions with other little ones.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Costumes

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is a beloved story that’s inspired many fun and creative costumes over the years. Here are some great Charlie and The Chocolate Factory costume ideas based on the characters from the story, with options for various age groups and themes.

Willy Wonka Costumes

The main character, Willy Wonka, is a perfect costume choice for both children and adults. This costume usually includes a colorful hat, suit, and bow tie that reflect the quirky personality of the character. You can find a Willy Wonka costume on Amazon or on Etsy.

The pros of this costume are its recognizable design and vibrant colors, and the timeliness of th eWonka movie release in December. But one possible con is that it might be less comfortable for younger children due to the suit and hat, so keep your kid’s habits in mind.

Charlie Bucket Costumes

For a simpler option, consider dressing up as the story’s main protagonist, Charlie Bucket. This costume typically includes a sweater, pants, and a golden ticket prop. It’s suitable for kids and adults and can be purchased in a few places, most notably on Smiffy’s.

The best part of this costume is its simplicity and comfort, as it’s pretty much typical clothing. However, this is also its main disadvantage, as it might not be as eye-catching as other options.

Oompa Loompa Costumes

One of the most iconic characters from the story is the Oompa Loompa, costumes for whom usually consist of a brown and white striped shirt, white pants, and a green wig. This outfit is fun for all ages, and you can find an Oompa Loompa costume both for toddlers and for adults.

A major pro is the uniqueness of the character’s design, but a con might be the distinctive makeup or wig, which could be uncomfortable for some, in more ways than one.

Veruca Salt Costumes

For a costume with a touch of sass, consider dressing up as Veruca Salt, one of the story’s most memorable antagonists. This outfit typically includes a red dress, white stockings, and a golden egg prop, the latter of which can sometimes be hard to keep track of.

This choice is suitable for kids and adults, but the main advantage of this costume is its distinctive and recognizable design. The only potential downside is the need for additional accessories, such as the golden egg prop, and the dire need for a whiny British accent.

Online Retailers to Find Your Costume

Amazon: this one-stop shop is a popular choice for finding a wide range of costumes, including chocolate candy themed ones. Their biggest pros are their wide variety, easy returns, and fast shipping, but they do have potentially higher prices.

Etsy: for unique, handcrafted costumes, Etsy is the place to go. You’ll find creative and unique handcrafted options, but often at higher prices and longer shipping times than other picks.

Walmart: Walmart is another retailer with a diverse selection of chocolate candy costumes, including affordable prices and local pickup options, but also limited stock and availability.

eBay: for bargain hunters, eBay often has great deals on chocolate candy costumes. They tend to have a wide range of vintage and unique costumes, as well as lower prices, but also varying quality and less reliable shipping.

Target: lastly, Target is known for its trendy offerings, and their chocolate candy costumes are no exception, however they tend to only be available within a month or so of Halloween.

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