2019 Christmas Party Inspiration | BREC

2019 Christmas Party Inspiration | BREC

The Venue
Wow your guests with an interesting and out of the box venue. Make use of the South West’s amazing scenery by booking venues with views that let you admire the landscapes.

Embrace our warm December’s and host the event outside. Long grazing tables, fresh cocktails and floor cushions make for a relaxed atmosphere. Alternatively look at booking a cruise and travel along the water in style.

Don’t have the budget for a lavish venue? Remember a space is only limited by your imagination, hide ugly walls with drapes, cover the floors in cosy rugs and bring in greenery to liven up a space.

The Food
Forget the BBQ’s and party platters. Surprise your guests with food trucks serving international delights or a private long lunch with a view. Don’t let anyone go hungry and serve substantial canapés in replacement of bite sized pieces, think cheeseburger sliders, curry with rice or slow cooked beef cheeks.

Roving Performers
Throwing a large bash with a lot of people? Excite them with roving performers! Acrobats, aerialists and stilt walkers are great ways of entertainment guests. Maybe they’re walking high above the crowd handing out drinks or greeting people as they enter the party, the possibilities are endless!

Live Bands
People are looking for authentic experiences they can connect to so start the evening with melodic background music and finish with a band that gets everyone on the dance floor. Engaging local musicians is a great way to support the local artistic community and potentially save on costs.

Themed Parties
Engage your staff with a theme! It can be as simple as a classy cocktail party or as extravagant as a Winter Wonderland with faux snow! Encourage your guests to dress to the theme so they’re excited before the party even begins!

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