A spectacular celebration of anime culture at Anime Times event –

A spectacular celebration of anime culture at Anime Times event -

Audience enjoying the cosplay competition

Anime enthusiasts and aficionados gathered at two iconic venues, FTII in Pune on 13 December and ITM IDM in Mumbai on 15 December, for a vibrant celebration of Japanese anime at the captivating Anime Fusion event. This thrilling event, presented by AnimationXpress.com and powered by Anime Times, brought together the mesmerising world of anime with a fusion of creativity, passion, and sheer entertainment.

The event commenced with an enthusiastic welcome from the emcee, setting the stage for a day filled with excitement. AnimationXpress director Mishaal Wanvari shared insightful perspectives about AnimationXpress and anime, igniting the crowd’s anticipation for the exhilarating journey into the world of anime.

From left to right: Mishaal Wanvari, Anil Wanvari (founder, chairman and editor-in-chief of AnimationXpress), Haruka Kikuchi, Yumi Takimoto, Neha Singhal Mehta (COO of AnimationXpress)

The spotlight of the event was on Anime Times, a newly introduced channel on Amazon Prime Video. Accompanied by Anime Times general manager Haruka Kikuchi and Yumi Takimoto, the stage lit up with an exclusive presentation unveiling the richness and diversity of anime content available on Anime Times. The audience was invited to delve into the world of Japanese anime, captivating their imaginations and interests.

The Anime Fusion event witnessed a dazzling array of cosplayers, each meticulously embodying beloved characters from the expansive world of anime. From the enigmatic Enderman and the formidable Chainsaw Man to the charismatic Lelouch and the iconic Jotaro Kujo, the venue came alive with the dedication and artistry displayed by these passionate individuals. Attendees were treated to a visual feast as cosplayers transformed into Megumin, Griffith, Batman Ninja, among others, bringing these characters to life with remarkable attention to detail. The event celebrated the diversity of anime through the creative expressions of these talented cosplayers, making it a vibrant showcase of fandom and dedication to the anime culture.

Cosplayers at Mumbai edition of Anime Fusion

Among these passionate participants, the winner of the cosplay competition at each venue received a grand cash prize of Rs 10,000, while the second place was awarded Rs 5,000. Additionally, the remaining four winners were presented with exciting goodies, adding to the spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie among the cosplaying community.

In the spirit of engagement, a riveting quiz session tested the audience’s knowledge of anime, with lucky winners receiving official anime merchandises like notebooks, keychains, stickers and much more adding a touch of excitement and fun to the event.

The highlight of the day was a special screening of ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead. The series, centered around Akira Tendo, a corporate worker finding renewed vigour amidst a zombie apocalypse. The show’s blend of humour, action, and a poignant exploration of life’s meaning amidst adversity left attendees spellbound, making it a standout feature of the Anime Fusion event.

Cosplayers at Pune edition of Anime Fusion

As the event drew to a close, Mishaal Wanvari, alongside Haruka Kikuchi and Yumi Takimoto, shared reflections on the day’s incredible journey through Anime Fusion, emphasising the significance of anime culture and its vibrant community.

The success of Anime Fusion resonated with the collaborative efforts of Anime Times, AnimationXpress, and the enthusiastic attendees, promising the continuation of such immersive events celebrating the magic of anime. As the curtains drew to a close, the spirit of anime remained alive, leaving attendees eagerly awaiting the next spectacular event.

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