COE STAS-RG FIT: Enhancing the Utility and Selling Value of the Result of Lecturer Research

COE STAS-RG FIT: Enhancing the Utility and Selling Value of the Result of Lecturer Research

Under the responsibility to perform research as part of the Tri Dharma research assignment, Telkom University lecturers create a large amount of research each year. The quantity of research has to be handled and developed further by incorporating industry and MSMEs in order to create products with benefits and selling value. As a way to organize this research, the School of Applied Sciences Telkom University established the Center of Excellence Sustainable Technology and Applied Sciences – RG (COE STAS-RG) in April 2022 as a forum for FIT lecturers to collaborate on research results and develop them into products created by FIT Telkom University lecturers and students that have market and commercial values. COE STAS-RG FIT is chaired by Giva Andriana Mutiara., S.T., M.T., Ph.D. and involves four other FIT lecturers, namely Periyadi, M.T., Devie, M.T., Dr. Ersy Ervina, Dadan, M.T., and accompanied directly by the dean of the faculty of Applied Sciences, Angga Rusdinar, Ph.D. as an advisor.

COE STAS-RG now manages three Research Alliances (RA): RA Smart Hospitality and Tourism, RA Military, and RA Agriculture. Each RA is attempting to create products and conduct studies in their own fields. In collaboration with PT Archipelago, RA Smart Hospitality and Tourism, directed by D3 Hospitality study program instructor, Dr. Ersy Ervina, is now working on hotel modernization-based products implementing distinguished hotel management technologies and modules. Next, RA Military, still commanded by Giva, is collaborating with PT Pindad on the Anoa II Amphibious mine-blast test Smart Mannequin (HumanEtics) project stage.  RA Military engaged more than ten students and seven lecturers from the School of Applied Sciences and the School of Creative Industries in this Smart Mannequin Project. RA Military is also working with Radial, Ph.D. to create LoRa technology for the Indonesian Army’s Pushubad bomb disposal communication system. Finally, RA Agriculture, directed by Dadan, M.T., is developing various tea research projects with PT Gambung and aims to build agricultural research collaboration and partnership with Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Giva expects that by involving a lot of students and lecturers in this current COE STAS-RG project, COE STAS-RG will be able to interact further with faculties, research centers, and other research alliances in the future. Giva also believes that the research findings will have a direct impact on the community.

“It is hoped that more lecturers will be able to collaborate and innovate within the industry, and produce patents as well as goods that can take part directly to the community by presenting the contributions of Telkom University lecturers and students to the national and international arena,” Giva added.


Writer: Aqila Zahra Qonita| Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Narasumber

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