Collaboration between Telkom University and Bandung Regency Government

Collaboration between Telkom University and Bandung Regency Government

Bandung, TELKOM UNIVERSITY – As a form of contribution to the nation, Telkom University is collaborating with the Bandung Regency Government to continue to provide benefits to the community. The programs planned include the SDGs Program, Scholarships, Waste Management Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Programs.

Director of Secretariat and Strategic Planning, Dr. Anisah Firli explained that Telkom University has a focus on 17 SDGs goals and a lot of lecturer research, humanitarian projects, and community service programs that lead to sustainable programs.

“It would be better if we worked together with the Bandung Regency government, so we could solve real problems in Bandung Regency,” She said.

As the Best Private Higher Education in Indonesia, Telkom University is committed to providing quality education for the younger generation. Telkom University and the Regent of Bandung will provide a scholarship program to prospective students who are domiciled in Bandung Regency so that this collaboration can increase access to public education at tertiary institutions or continue their education.

“Many prospective students in Bandung Regency have achievements, so they can be appreciated by awarding scholarships. Telkom University has various scholarship programs, such as Religious Scholarships, Achievement Scholarships and others. This is very relevant to the Bandung Regency CSR program which is heading in that direction, so there needs to be synergy to provide quality education,” he explained.

Apart from that, Telkom University also donated an incinerator, which is a multi-product innovation to process leaf waste efficiently by burning it while still being environmentally friendly. This tool is given to help waste management at TPA and TPS Bandung Regency.

“In Indonesia, waste is still a problem that has quite a bad impact on the environment if not handled properly,” added Anisah Firli.

As a university that has a vision of becoming a research and entrepreneurial university, Telkom University also provides an entrepreneurship program for young people of productive age in Bandung regency. This is motivated by the many people of Bandung Regency who are not yet literate to run a business.

“Training will be provided to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit for the community, this is in line with Telkom University’s vision which focuses on entrepreneurs. There are many programs that can be synergized, Telkom University already has Bandung Techno Park, if Bandung Entrepreneurs can grow, it is hoped that they can contribute to the Indonesian economy.”

Anisah hopes that, with this collaboration, Telkom University will not only help grow the economy in Bandung Regency but also be able to make HR in Bandung Regency better in the future.

Author: Sonia Dewi | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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