Edutainment series ‘Once Upon a Time…The Objects’ to premiere at MIPJunior this October –

Edutainment series 'Once Upon a Time...The Objects’ to premiere at MIPJunior this October -

MIPJunior announced that the new edutainment series co-produced by Procidis & Samka Productions in association with France Télévisions, Once Upon a Time…The Objects (78 x7’) will make its world premiere at MIPJunior.

Global entertainment industry event for kids and junior content MIPJunior will take place in Cannes, France from 13-15 October 2023, ahead of the global entertainment content market MIPCOM, which is between 16-19 October.

In 2024, Maestro returns with a new series, the eighth in the acclaimed saga – dedicated to everyday objects, behind which (including those we can no longer see) lie a host of stories that Maestro will reveal. Previous series Once Upon a Time…Man, Once Upon a Time…Space, Once Upon a Time…Life, Once Upon a Time…The Americas, Once Upon a Time…The Discoverers, Once Upon a Time…The Explorers, Once Upon a Time…Planet Earth, the seven series (26×26’) have become a reference in educational programs. They are now gathered under the umbrella brand Hello Maestro.

Each object gives kids the opportunity to discover different fields of knowledge (History, Geography, Physics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy) and get to know how they have played a role in the history of humankind and shaped the world in which we live as well as that of tomorrow.

The 78 objects cover those that have existed for hundreds of years to the most recent- the soccer ball, the drone, pants, lip balm and more. In a resolutely cartoonish and contemporary spirit Once Upon a Time…The Objects (78 x 7’) is dedicated to making learning fun. Hot, co-producer, RTS and TV5 Monde are also on board for this new production.

“Today, we are celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Maestro Once Upon a Time saga, whose motivation has always been: Pushing back the frontiers of ignorance and opening up those of knowledge,” said Procidis / Hello Maestro president Hélène Barillé. “The shows enjoy an undisputed reputation worldwide, often affectionately described as ‘Madeleine de Proust’ of childhood. It has become a family program, passed down from generation to generation. So, let’s offer the best to our children, so that they have the tools to build a sustainable world on our planet.”

Since its first broadcast back in 1978, the Once Upon a Time… saga, now encompassed by the Hello Maestro brand, has been on the air non-stop in France and has been translated into 80 languages and is still aired in numerous countries. Maestro continues to be well-known in more than 100 countries.

Scientifically rigorous backed up by data and information, the series offers kids a form by which they are free to analyse themselves and thus retaining the information. A scientific committee certifies, validates and updates all the information contained in the episodes and in 2020 the National Learning Program label was awarded to the series by the French Ministry of Education.

The companies assure that these programs are resolutely humanist, agnostic, apolitical, non-gendered, and have always sought to be impartial.

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