Farewell Ceremony of Emancipated Student Exchange at Tel-U

Tabligh Akbar: Membangun Harmony Ramadan di Telkom University

A total of 39 Emancipated Student Exchange (PMM) officially concluded their study at Telkom University (Tel-U) on Friday (30/1). The farewell ceremony for the inbound students took place at the Damar building as the last meeting before the students left Bandung the next day.

The exchange students attended lectures at Tel-U for one semester from September 2022 until January 2023. Aside from attending formal lectures, the students also received the Nusantara Module material in order to make the younger generation learn more about Indonesian culture, specifically in West Java.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Dadan Rahadian was also present at the ceremony and expressed his wish for the program to raise students’ awareness in appreciating the cultures, diversity amongst people, and treating the culture as intellectual properties so the young generation can grow to love the nation.

As one of the Emancipated Learning (MBKM) programs, this program provides an opportunity for students all over Indonesia to experience education in top universities in Indonesia. This was stated by Tel-U’s Academic Director, Citra Kusuma Dewi, S.E., M.A.B.

“It is hoped that after you return to your home, the knowledge, experiences, and cultural values that you have gained here can be useful in your life. May you always succeed and good luck,” said Citra.

The 39 students who participated in the program came from all over Indonesia, stretching from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Papua. To add excitement to the event and introduce the cultural diversity of each region, the students presented cultural arts performances representing their culture to the audience. In addition, there was also a musical theater performance made by the students.

Author: Adnan| Editor: Daris Maulana | Foto: Public Relations

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