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FC Bracknell Football For All Pictures: Neil Graham

FC Bracknell has launched a new ‘Football For All’ scheme to provide a unique and inclusive initiative for neurodivergent children and adults.

Chairman of FC Bracknell Neil Graham and a team of volunteers established the team which has now received funding assistance from Winkfield Parish Council.

The team hopes to provide participants with the opportunity to develop social, communication and team skills while reaping the numerous benefits of regular physical activity.

The FC Bracknell ‘Football For All’ team has been entered into The Bobo League (Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Inclusive League which provides individuals with a range of disabilities the opportunity to play competitive football.

“Our Council is proud to contribute by way of a financial grant towards this phenomenal cause. We identified our role as Council to assist directly benefiting these children and adults within our community. There are numerous plans to widen the remit of this initiative and to encourage more

members of the community to join “Football For All”. It is with pride and a privilege to have their kit branded with our Council’s logo”.

FC Bracknell chairman Neil Graham added: “It is not only the participants that benefit from Football For All. Parents and carers can access an additional network of friends in similar circumstances. For some it simply gives them the opportunity to watch their child be involved in regular sporting activity, something which they might not have thought would ever happen”.

Football For All has started with one team and currently boasts 12 players including eight regular players who play Bobi league matches on weekends.

The intention is to grow membership across all age groups with the aim of 20 players by the end of 2023.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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