‘I think people have been opportunistic with us’ – Reading Today Online

Reading FC - Ruben Selles

Reading manager Ruben Selles admitted that some ‘opportunistic’ clubs and agents try to take advantage of the club during the January transfer window.

The Royals lost a total of six players from their squad throughout the month, while Tom Holmes returned on loan and the club captured the loan signing of young Arsenal defender Zane Monlouis.

“I think that people have been a little bit opportunistic with us,” said Selles.

“They know that we need it and then they try to put sometimes ridiculous offers.

“It’s not a critic, I understand that people see opportunities and go for it.

“Everybody knows where we are. We can get better fees for our players, that’s for sure.

“Other clubs and agents saw it and perhaps saw an opportunity to get a better price because of the situation.”

Despite losing several players, Selles claimed that no one was forced to leave the club.

He continued: “Nobody has been pushed. There were proposals for them and they accepted.

“Nobody has been forced to go, that’s for sure.

“We can now focus on what is in front of us.

“We were calculating this morning. The regular season will be over in 87 days and that’s all what we have to be focused in the keep our standards

“My feeling is OK, that (the transfer window) is done. Let’s close that chapter and be focused straight into the next game.

“I’m as confident as I was before (about survival).

“I trust my team, my squad. I think they have been working really, really hard.”

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