Knibbs says Reading squad shares fans frustrations as the team looks to continue momentum on the pitch. – Reading Today Online

Knibbs speaking to the media at Bearwood Park.

Harvey Knibbs has said that the whole squad share the same frustrations as the fans, adding that he is glad that the supporters’ voices have been heard in the national news sphere over the past week.

The attacker said: “I think it’s massively important that the fans voices are being echoed around the Football League and getting the news coverage that it’s got this week because ultimately that was the goal of what they wanted to achieve last weekend. So, let’s hope that it can kind of speed up the process to finding a solution to it all.”

He added: “We definitely share their frustrations; it is just an uncertain time at the moment and we kind of all want the same kind of solution. So, we’re all kind of fighting the same battle.”

Looking ahead to the Royals’ clash away to Wigan this Saturday he spoke about the sides current momentum and the confidence going into this important fixture.

Knibbs said: “Yeah, as a squad like we said before, we’ve built good momentum over these past few games and it’s what we need to continue doing. I feel like we’ve grown as a team and now it just feels good going into each game.”

“We definitely have added confidence going into this game, we were able to beat them at home and it’s going to be quite a similar game. So, we’re hoping for a similar result on Saturday.”

The 24-year-old revealed that he missed the trip to Brighton due to a minor injury and described last weekend’s abandonment as ‘beneficial’ in his recovery.

He said: “It was quite beneficial for me in some regard because I’d picked up a little injury the week before, hence why i wasn’t involved in the in the Brighton game. So, obviously whilst it wasn’t ideal with the game being called off, it’s allowed extra time and extra minutes into my legs on the training pitches this week.”

Ruben Selles’ side travel to the DW Stadium to face Wigan Athletic this Saturday, with the home side sitting in 18thplace as both sides look to collect an important set of points for their campaign.

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