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Matric Prize Giving 2023 | Wynberg Boys’ High School

Matric Prize Giving 2023 | Wynberg Boys' High School

Friedlander Shield to the winning house for 2023:

Glebe  225 
Sunninghill 184 
McNaughton 182 
Silverhurst  156 
Littlewood 154
Hawthornden 141
Oude Wijnberg  125 
Trovato  120


Jan De Waal Award for the most outstanding final-year Engineering student – Hamzah Loonat 

PwC Award for Accounting and Mathematics – Jared Benn 

Vincent Grainger Memorial Prize for excellent performance in the SA Maths Olympiad and Old Boys’ Maths Prize for outstanding results at the UCT  Maths Competition – Hamzah Loonat 

Mark Schäfer Trophy for Multilingualism –Lulibo Fula 

Bob Adshade Memorial Trophy for the best Visual Art portfolio of the year, as voted by the Matric Art students – Daniel Murison 

Labia History Prize for the best History project based on original research – Daanyaal Hendricks 

Stephen Doidge Business Award for aptitude and academic excellence in the commerce fields – Connor Thompson 

Caxton Prize for outstanding effort – Matthew Thomas 

Old Boys’ Award and The Martin Cleveland Trophy to the top pupil (Dux) in Grade 12 – Naas Beets 

Azriel Fine Bursary – Kevin Karengera, who will be studying actuarial science at Stellenbosch. 

Thorp/Rankin Award – Michael Morgan, who will be studying Architecture at UCT. 

Vernon Carmichael Bursaries; William Clegg Bursaries; Kaplan/Kushlik Scholarship; Bill Lennox Scholarships; Mathew Family Bursary – awarded after the final exams.

Life Membership to the Old Boys’ Union – Head Prefect, Xolela Hoyi 

Rotary Good Fellowship Award to the pupil who has displayed outstanding ability during the year in promoting healthy goodwill and fair play among his fellows.  Nicholas van Schalkwyk 

Friedlander Memorial Award for diligence and service to the school – Matthew Thomas 

David Heidmann Prize for courage and determination in the face of great adversity – Oliver van Niekerk 

Wiegman Cup to the most outstanding Silver Badge Prefect, as voted by the Matric Body – Tristan Ely 

Abelsohn Cup to the Grade 12 pupil who has done the most for the school in 2023 – Xolela Hoyi 

Andrew Feinstein Cup to the best all-rounder in Grade 12 (Academic, Sport, Cultural, Service) – Kevin Karengera. Academic Top 10 with 83%,  Service – one of the Cultural Prefects for 2023,  1st & 2nd Team Soccer & 1st & 2nd Team Squash,  Culture – 1st Team Chess with Honours for 3 consecutive years.

Casper Cup for the Sportsman of the Year – Xolela Hoyi 

Old Boys’ Award for the best sporting achievement of the year – Xola Nyali 

Honours Award to the pupil or pupils for outstanding performances which have brought honour to the school – the Live-Streaming Crew, accepted by Matthew Thomas, Multimedia Prefect.

Neville Blackbeard to the tutor group who has shown the most spirit – Ms Lategan’s Sunninghill Tutor Group. This tutor group embodies Ubuntu, emphasizing family and togetherness. Led by the matric students, they excel as leaders in both their tutor group and House. They maintained the promises made during Grade 11 leadership week, actively supporting the buddy system. They offer strong support, academically and emotionally, and engage in open, compassionate conversations, fostering a sense of accountability among members. 

Their competitive spirit shines as they secured consecutive wins in the Sunninghill Inter Tutor Games. Their commitment to service is remarkable, with Rory Cupido attending Service Pillar meetings and inspiring contributions to initiatives like a sanitary pad drive and a Mandela Day bread drive. This tutor group epitomizes brotherhood, genuinely caring for one another, embodying Ubuntu’s core principles. 


(excluding Life Orientation distinctions)
Adam Saunders – History
Adrian Henning – English
Aiden Reid – Construction & EGD
Akshay Lalla – English & Geography
Alex Adriaanse – History
Alexander Lorenzen – EGD
Alexander Masters-Kay – English & Geography
Amos Brown – History
Andrew Killick – English, Maths, Accounting, IT & Physical Sciences
Asanda Kebevana – Mathematical Literacy & History
Ashton Bisset – History
Ben Bruning – EGD
Benjamin Badiali – English, Afrikaans, Maths, IT, Life Sciences & Physical Sciences
Caleb Conradie – English & History
Christian Kapp – English, Afrikaans, Maths, EGD, Electronics & Physical Sciences
Cole Irvine-smith – History
Connor Louw – Maths, EGD, Geography & Physical Sciences
Connor Thompson – English, Accounting, Economics & History
Daanyaal Hendricks – History
Daiyaan Basedien – Life Sciences
Daniel Murison – Visual Arts (and the Subject Prize for Visual Arts)
Daniel Speedy – Maths & Geography
Daniel Wyley – History
David Morgenrood English & Life Sciences
Ebinezer Karengera – English, Maths, EGD & History
Euwyn Liberty – EGD
Gabriel Firer – Maths
Habeeb Moosa – English
Hamzah Loonat – English, Afrikaans, Maths, Construction, EGD & Physical Sciences
Isa Deshmukh – Maths, Economics & IT
James Potter – English, Mathematical Literacy & History
Jared Benn – English, Afrikaans, Maths, Accounting, Music & Physical Sciences
Jared Scrooby – EGD
Jihaad Chilwan – Maths, Economics, EGD & Physical Sciences
Jo Rheeder – EGD
Joel Jansen – Accounting & Economics
Joon Ho Park – EGD
Joshua Adams – Economics
Joshua Jones – EGD
Joshua Vincent – English, Maths, EGD & Physical Sciences
Jude Mills – History
Kayd Stamer – Maths, EGD, Electronics & Physical Sciences
Keagan Gray – Mathematical Literacy & History
Keenan Pretorius – Economics
Keyaan Matthews – English, Afrikaans, Maths, Accounting, Life Sciences & Physical Sciences
Kieran Bayne – English
Kyle Le Riché – History
Kyle Stephens – English, Maths, EGD & Geography
Liam von Lillienfeld – English, Accounting & History
Luca Conarroe – English, Maths & EGD
Luke Bremer – English, Maths, Accounting, Economics & Physical Sciences
Matteo Pascoe History
Matthew Bowes – Mathematical Literacy
Matthew Downes – Economics & Physical Sciences
Matthew Ould – Economics & Geography
Michael Cresswell – Maths & EGD
Michael Morgan – English, Afrikaans, Construction & EGD
Morgan Cochius – EGD
Naas Beets – English, Afrikaans, Maths, Accounting, Economics & History
Nasr Ackerman – EGD
Nathi Matyeba – History
Nicholas van Schalkwyk – English, Economics & History
Nikolas Balden – History
Noah Harrison – English, Maths, Accounting & EGD
Prince Farikeni – History & Visual Arts
Reece Wilson – Maths, EGD & Life Sciences
Rhys Whitfield – Maths
Rory Cupido – EGD
Salahuddien Gabier – History
Samuel Robinson – English & History
Samuel Taberner – Mathematical Literacy & Geography
Sango Yako – isiXhosa (and the Subject Prize for isiXhosa)
Seth Christians – History
Steven St&er – Maths, Economics, Geography & History
Thaakir Emandien – EGD
Timothy Sasman – History & IT
Tristan Ely – Mathematical Literacy & History
Trystan Baxter-Elliott – Maths & EGD
Xavier Brown – English
Xola Nyali – History
Yousuf Rasdien – English, Maths, Economics & Life Sciences
Zack Rienderhoff – EGD
Zakariya Loonat – Accounting & Economics
Zubair Cassiem – History
Zuhayr Ebrahiem – EGD

Aadam Najjaar
Abdullah Abrahams
Aidan Reid (2 subject distinctions)
Alexander Masters-Kay (2 subject distinctions)
Ashton Bisset (1 subject distinction)
Caleb Conradie (2 subject distinctions)
Cole Irvine-Smith (1 subject distinction)
Daanyaal Hendricks (1 subject distinction)
Daniel Speedy (2 subject distinctions)
Eesa Gamieldien
Gabriel Le Roux
Gabriel Firer (1 subject distinction)
James Potter (3 subject distinctions)
Jared Scrooby (1 subject distinction)
Joel Jansen (2 subject distinctions)
Joon Ho Park (1 subject distinction)
Joshua Heath
Joshua Jones (1 subject distinction)
Keagan Gray (2 subject distinctions, Subject Prize for Mathematical Literacy)
Keenan Pretorius (1 subject distinction)
Luke Giliomee
Lulibo Fula
Matthew Ould (2 subject distinctions)
Michael Cresswell (2 subject distinctions)
Mikhyle Mafakala
Morgan Cochius (1 subject distinction)
Prince Farikeni (2 subject distinctions)
Rhys Whitfield (1 subject distinction)
Rory Cupido (1 subject distinction)
Salahuddien Gabier (1 subject distinction)
Samuel Robinson (2 subject distinctions)
Samuel Taberner (2 subject distinctions)
Steven Stander (4 subject distinctions)
Thaakir Emandien (1 subject distinction)
Tristan Ely (2 subject distinctions)
Xavier Brown (1 subject distinction)
Zuhayr Ebrahiem (1 subject distinction)

Akshay Lalla (2 subject distinctions)
David Morgenrood (2 subject distinctions)
Habeeb Moosa (1 subject distinction)
Isa Deshmukh (3 subject distinctions)
Liam von Lillienfeld (3 subject distinctions)
Matthew Downes (2 subject distinctions)
Nicholas van Schalkwyk (3 subject distinctions)
Reece Wilson (3 subject distinctions)
Seth Christians (1 subject distinction)
Timothy Sasman (2 subject distinctions)
Tristan Butters
Trystan Baxter-Elliott (2 subject distinctions)
Zakariya Loonat (2 subject distinctions)

In reverse position in grade order
20) Yousuf Rasdien (4 subject distinctions)
19) Daiyaan Basedien (1 subject distinction)
18) Jihaad Chilwan (4 subject distinctions)
17) Kayd Stamer (4 subject distinctions, Subject Prize for Electronics)
16) Kyle Stephens (4 subject distinctions)
15) Noah Harrison (4 subject distinctions)
14) Luke Bremer (5 subject distinctions)
13) Michael Morgan (4 subject distinctions)
12) Connor Thompson (4 subject distinctions)
11) Connor Louw (4 subject distinctions, Alf Morris Prize for Geography)
10) Luca Conarroe (3 subject distinctions)
09) Joshua Vincent (4 subject distinctions)
08) Ebinezer Karengera (4 subject distinctions)
07) Andrew Killick (5 subject distinctions)
06) Keyaan Matthews (6 subject distinctions, Subject Prize for Life Sciences)
05) Christian Kapp (6 subject distinctions)
04) Benjamin Badiali (6 subject distinctions, Subject Prize for IT)
03) Hamzah Loonat (6 subject distinctions, Subject Prizes for Construction & EGD)
02) Jared Benn (6 subject distinctions, RM Friedlander Prize for English, WE Bowden Prize for Mathematics, Templeton Prize for Music, FG Thorpe Prize for Physical Sciences and the subject prize for Accounting)
01) Naas Beets (6 subject distinctions, DF Marais Prize for Afrikaans, Erik Tasker Prize for History and subject prizes for Economics and Life Orientation)


Jubber Cup for outstanding contribution to culture – Benjamin Badiali 

Nicola Jordan Trophy for outstanding service to culture – Mikhyle Mafakala

Epworth Cup for the most work in the field of music – Jared Benn 

Luman Cup for contribution to drama – Nasr Ackerman 

Baxter Cup for best supporting actor – Nasr Kassiem 

Pippa Richardson Shield for service to the school community – Tristan Ely

WOGU & Bunty Joubert Award for service beyond the call of duty to the wider community – Nicholas Horn 

Shaun Moir Trophy for dedication to concert band – Mikhyle Mafakala

Stephen Bell Chess Trophy – Kevin Karengera


Awarded at Matric Breakfast
Nasr Kassiem Western Cape Eisteddfod – Art Diploma
Hlumelo Sankobe Western Cape Eisteddfod – Art Diploma
Prince Farikeni Western Cape Eisteddfod – Art Diploma
Daniel Murison Western Cape Eisteddfod – Art Diploma
Samuel Taberner – Service Gold
Joshua Vincent – Service Silver

Awarded at Matric Breakfast
Connor Albrecht – Multimedia
Kungawo Nyoka – Multimedia
Isa Deshmukh – Chess
Andrew Killick – Chess
Tristan Ely – Choir
Khoza Makubalo – Choir
Dean Richardson – Choir
Joshua Adams – Concert Band
Jared Benn – Concert Band
Seth Christians – Concert Band
Nicholas Horn – Concert Band
Matthew J. Adams – Concert Band
Daniel Sampson – Concert Band

Joshua Adams – Jazz Band
Seth Christians – Jazz Band
Salman Green – Jazz Band & Concert Band
Mikhyle Mafakala – Jazz Band & Choir
Nicholas Horn – Pipe Band
Matthew J. Adams – Pipe Band
Samuel Taberner – Pipe Band
Caleb Conradie – Choir
Mardoqueiro Dimbu – Choir
Benjamin Badiali – String Ensemble
Joon Ho Park – String Ensemble
Nasr Ackerman – Drama
Nasr Kassiem – Drama

Matthew J. Adams – Jazz Band
Jared Benn – Jazz Band
Benjamin Badiali – Choir
Luke Bremer – Choir
Joshua Vincent – Choir
Mikhyle Mafakala – Concert Band
Matthew Thomas – Multimedia
Ebinezer Karengera – Chess


Larry Venter Memorial Trophy for Tennis Doubles & The Senior Squash Champion – Michael Cresswell 

Gregg Hammond Memorial Award for the Most Improved Squash Player – Callum Rose-Nel 

The Brian Botha Trophy for perseverance in Cross Country – Alexander Masters-Kay

Golf Player of the Year & the WBHS Golf Match Play Champion – Gabriel Firer

The Daryl Sims Trophy for Contribution to Rugby – Tristan Ely

The Badenhorst Family Cup for exceptional leadership as a 1st XV rugby player and the Players’ Player (Rugby) Trophy as voted by the 1st Rugby XV – Xolela Hoyi 

Sidman Family Cup for the most improved U19 rugby player – Thomas Newman 

The Frank Duk Cup for outstanding sportsmanship in rugby – Matteo Pascoe 

The Vincent Polden Cup for the most consistent performer in the 1st rugby XV – Nicholas Van Schalkwyk 

Denis Fagan Cup for The Best Senior Rugby Team – 1st XV

The Bromberger/Clark Shield for Contribution to Hockey – Connor Thompson 

Neville Riley Trophy for the Most Outstanding Athlete in 2023 – Ethan Thomas 

The Bing Family Cup for Sportsmanship in Cricket and the Weitsz Family Cup  for Best Bowler in the 1st Cricket XI – Naas Beets 

Football Sportsman of The Year – Daanyaal Hendricks 

Scott And Hamish Heidi Trophy for Passion and Commitment in Basketball – Gabriel Hawkins 


Awarded at Matric Breakfast
Michael Cresswell – Tennis
Michael Morgan  – Tennis
Rory Cupido – Squash
Eesa Gamieldien – Soccer
Qaasim Lamara – Soccer
Keagan Gray – Golf
Amier Adams – Rugby
Leo Addinall – Rugby
Michail Kasfikis – Rugby
Euwyn Liberty – Rugby
Matthew Ould – Rugby
Matteo Pascoe – Rugby
Aidan Reid – Rugby
Luca Springett – Rugby
Connor Albrecht – Hockey
Connor Thompson – Hockey
Daniel Wyley – Hockey & Umpiring
Tristan Butters – Hockey
Euwyn Liberty – Athletics
Innocent Dekete – Athletics
Ignatius Beets – Cricket
Xolela Hoyi – Cricket
Fahad Khan – Cricket
Yaaseen Moos – Cricket
Jordan Nel – Cricket
Michail Kasfikis – Water Polo
Dale Fish – Basketball
Kungawo Nyoka – Basketball
Morgan Cochius – Hockey Umpiring

James Potter – Squash
Callum Rose-Nel – First Aid
Khoza Makubalo – First Aid
Ashton Bisset – Soccer
Raaziq Chicktay – Soccer
Daanyaal Hendricks – Soccer
Qaasim Lamara – Soccer
Adam Malander – Soccer
Jarryd Jackson – Rugby
Sange Mbuto – Rugby
Morgan Cochius – Hockey
Tristan Butters – Hockey Umpiring
Sange Mbuto – Cricket
Kyle Williams – Cricket
Tando Green – Basketball
Nathi Matyeba – Basketball
Gabriel Firer – Golf

Tristan Ely – First Aid
Xolela Hoyi – Rugby
Xola Nyali Rugby
Nicholas van Schalkwyk – Rugby
Ethan Thomas – Athletics
Michael Cresswell – Squash
Matthew Adams – Basketball
Alex Coetzee – Basketball
Gabriel Hawkins – Basketball
Aniq Burton – Soccer
Liam Coetzee – Soccer

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