‘Mike Ashley would take Reading FC to the Premier League’ – Reading Today Online

Reading FC - Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley has been subject to talk around buying Reading FC after his helicopter was spotted at the Select Car Leasing Stadium last weekend.

The Royals are in financial crisis under current owner Dai Yongge who has failed to pay tax bills, failed to pay wages to staff on time and has seen the club docked 16 points for financial mismanagement during his reign.

Matters on the pitch have also been problematic with Reading currently sitting in 24th spot in League One

The club is currently up for sale with Ashley rumoured to be interested in purchasing the club.

A helicopter belonging to The Fraser Group, owned by Ashley, was seen in the SCL Stadium car park last week.

British billionaire Ashley runs Sports Direct and the House of Fraser stores and was owner of Newcastle United from 2007-2021.

Speaking on TalkSport radio about the prospect of Ashley being Reading’s new owner, Peterborough United owner Darragh MacAnthony said: “Mike Ashley will save them. He would be the best owner they can have.

“Mike Ashley would take Reading to the Premier League.

“I honestly think Reading would be lucky to have him. As would League One

“I promise you if Mike Ashley buys Reading it would be the best thing for the fans, not some guy or a joker coming on TalkSport talking about buying it who probably doesn’t have the money.

“Mike Ashley could buy it in an hour. He will want a deal and he will get a deal.

“They (Reading) will probably end up in League Two if they get sanctioned again and I think that’s coming

“He’s waiting probably until it gets a bit worse before he can then go bang.

“He will take them from League Two to the Prem in six years.”

Simon Jordan added: “Reading is not a big football club, it’s a parochial football club that John Madejski gave some breath into and did a great job at times.

“If he does it, and there’s a sentiment of wind in his sails because he looked at Derby and there was interest there, I think you’re absolutely right Darragh.”

“He did miss an opportunity because had he read the room differently at Newcastle, he could have been a god.

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