Prakash Moorthy receives Ram Mohan Award for Excellence in Animation –

Prakash Moorthy receives Ram Mohan Award for Excellence in Animation -

Prakash Moorthy and Sheila Rao

AnimationXpress’ Ann Awards recognises and honours the best talent in the animation industry for its artistry and creativity.

The fourth edition of Animation & More Summit was followed by the grand gala award ceremony which brought students, professionals and studios under one roof. Along with various award categories, AnimationXpress has initiated a special honour in the name of Late Ram Mohan and Late Arnab Chaudhuri each.

Last year, AnimationXpress, in collaboration with Graphiti Multimedia, established the prestigious Ram Mohan Award for Excellence in Animation. This esteemed accolade embodies the very essence of the legendary Mohan and honours the values he passionately championed throughout his illustrious career.

Last year, the first ever Ram Mohan Award was presented to Dhimant Vyas. This year, it was presented to Prakash Moorthy, a multi-talented artist and educator known for his contribution to animation, filmmaking, and production design. “It is not often that one gets an award, a mention, attached to the name of an incredible path maker, Padmasree Rammohan,” Moorthy said. “I am honoured, humbled and insanely proud.”

Mohan’s wife Sheila Rao, Graphiti Multimedia CEO & co-founder Tilak Shetty and COO & co-founder Munjal Shroff, and AnimationXpress founder, chairman and editor-in-chief Anil NM Wanvari felicitated Moorthy with the award.

Top (L to R): Tilak Shetty, Munjal Shroff. Below (L to R): Prakash Moorthy, Sheila Rao, Anil NM Wanvari

With postgraduate degrees in art and animation film design, Moorthy has showcased his work at international festivals, including the Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival. His most iconic work is the award winning series Gali Gali Sim Sim. As the head of animation of the adorable Sesame Street India specific series, he brought many diverse characters which were woven into the series featuring Chamki and Grover. “Ram Mohan did not see himself as the father of Indian animation. He was a simple man who thought that he happened to father Indian animation by “being there.” This, I think, is what makes him greater than being the father of Indian animation,” Moorthy shared. “He knew he was touched by history. And history knew him as the large presence that steered animation. Had he not been in love with drawing and animation, he would have steered astrophysics, mathematics, literature, theatre, cinema or something else.”

Ram Mohan-awardee Moorthy has excelled in production design for feature films like Vanaprastham and Raison de Coeur, earning accolades for his art direction. As an educator, he has enriched institutions like the National Institute of Design, the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute as a visiting faculty member and UID as an adjunct professor. Moorthy is an accomplished author, having penned Animating an Indian Story and contributed to anthologies. His diverse career spans animation, storyboarding and graphic narratives, making him a prominent figure in India’s creative landscape.

“The Indian Animation Industry is built on the shoulder of many brilliant artists who have done stellar work in the early years and have also contributed by training the next generation of talent. Ram Mohan Sir is affectionately know as the Father of the Indian Animation because apart from doing so many beautiful animation films he also trained so many people who have all today become the torch bearers of the Industry,” Shroff pointed. “The Ram Mohan Ann Awards recognises people who carry forward that legacy and have silently contributed to the growth of our industry as we know it today. I am delighted that this year’s award is being given to Prakash Moorthy who is a brilliant artist, production designer and film maker and an equally passionate teacher.”

The AM Summit 2023 and Ann Awards was powered by 88 Pictures and co-powered by Zebu Animation. The creative technology partner was Autodesk; and Powerkids Entertainment, the lanyard and badges partner. The associate partners were Karco, ARK infosolutions and Moho. The support partners of the event are ETV BalBharat, Sony YAY!, Wacom, Eizo, Reliance Animation, Appu Series and Huion. DigiCon6 Asia was the event’s festival partner.

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