Prof. Rhenald Kasali Enlivened The 2022 Telkom University Cultural Festival

Prof. Rhenald Kasali Enlivened The 2022 Telkom University Cultural Festival

Bandung, Telkom University – Through the Directorate of Human Resources (HR), Telkom University held the Tel-U HEI Culture Festival 2022 which took place on Thursday (15/12) in the Auditorium Damar Building Tel-U. The purpose of this event is to strengthen the implementation of culture, strengthen cooperation, increase innovation and creativity, to apply the values of honesty, norms, and ethics that apply. As stated by the Rectorof Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya in his speech before the Culture Management Team, Culture Agents, and Culture Booster.

“Regarding the HEI culture at Telkom University, we are all able to carry out and uphold a form of Harmony by working together to build harmonious relationships. Always pouring innovation and also our creativity in accordance with the value of Excellent, innovating with the current developments. Applying the value of Integrity, we must maintain honesty and the values and ethics that exist in the Telkom University room.” said Adiwijaya.

At this event, the pronouncement of the Tel-U HEI Pledge was also held as well as the ratification of the Culture Fan Team through the installation of HEI Telkom University badges for Culture Agents. At the Tel-U HEI Culture Festival 2022 this time, Tel-U presented the Founder of the House of Change, Prof. Rhenald Kasali, Ph.D. in his material presentation entitled “Becoming a Change Leader Who Values Harmony, Excellent, and Integrity”.

Other series of events at this cultural festival included the 2022 Recap Calendar of Culture Action (CoCA), the 2023 Calendar of Culture Action (CoCA) Plan Program, Road to Tel-U Cup 2023, and Presentation of the 2023 CoCA Program Idea from each Faculty.

By holding this event, it is hoped that the Tel-U academic community will be able to become competent, creative, innovative individuals, and also apply corporate cultural values to the fullest.

Author: Tia Hanna Diniasti | Editor: Adnan

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