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READING FC fan group Sell Before We Dai has said they are ‘encouraged’ by the decision from an Independent Disciplinary Commission to fine Dai Yongge.

Dai Yongge has been fined £20,00 with a further suspended £50,000 with a charge of misconduct with the order of an Independent Disciplinary Commission after he failed to deposit the amount into a designated bank account.

A statement released by the group reads: “For the first time since this group was formed, the EFL has shown a willingness to punish an owner of a football club – rather than the players, staff and fans.

“Points deductions have contributed to our club’s downfall and at times, seemed like the only punishment the EFL were capable of enforcing.

“To see them recommend an alternative course of action should be viewed as a positive step.

“In the ruling, Yongge Dai is labelled as ‘unimpressive’ and his behaviour classed as deliberate misconduct.’ He has been fined and will be fined again if he fails to deposit funds that secure the short term future of the club.

“While the EFL’s tough stance is welcomed, we have concerns about enforcement. As everyone associated with Reading Football Club can attest, Yongge Dai has never shown any respect for rules,

we have little faith he will start now.

“However, in calling for Mr Dai to be disqualified from all football activity, it is clear that the EFL have finally aligned to the thinking of the majority of Reading fans and the SBWD campaign.

“There is no future for Mr Dai in English football. If he continues to delay deals, he will be continually hit in the pocket. He must sell now.

“History has told us that these commissions normally result in points deductions, to see owners focused sanctions come into play feel slike a step towards more effective regulation.”

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