Reading FC fan group takes protest to Houses of Parliament – Reading Today Online

Reading FC fan group takes protest to Houses of Parliament – Reading Today Online

READING FC fan group Sell Before We Dai has taken protests against club owner Dai Yongge to London, including outside the Houses of Parliament.

The group was set up in June to put pressure on Yongge to sell the club and although talks for a sale are in progress, it is believed that discussions have stalled in recent weeks.

The protest also visited the London headquarters of the EFL, the £45m London home of Yongge, which is currently the most expensive property on the market in the capital, and also Les Ambassadeurs casino in Mayfair.

The protest has also aimed to shine a light on the plight of other football clubs suffering due to poor ownership, including West Bromwich Albion, Sheffield Wednesday, Morecambe FC and Southend United.

The group captured national coverage for their tennis balls protest during the team’s FA Cup tie with non-league Eastleigh, while new legislative measures for football ownership were discussed in Parliament last month.

Nick Houlton, Sell Before We Dai spokesperson, said: “As soon as Dai sells the club, the pressure stops. He must strike a takeover deal before we face even more financial pain.

“This action wasn’t just for Reading FC, but the countless other clubs facing financial difficulties because of poor ownership and outside vested interests.

“We hope this action continues the conversation about football’s ownership problems and highlights further the need for an Independent Football Regulator.”


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