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Reading FC - Sell Before We Dai

READING FC pressure group Sell Before We Dai has responded to the latest EFL statement.

Nick Houlton, Selle Before We Dai spokesman said: “Since Sell Before We Dai was formed, we have always been clear that the actions of Dai Yongge – and his incompetent advisers – are most responsible for the appalling situation at Reading Football Club.

“As a result, we have always been respectful of the EFL’s need to apply their rules and regulations. We have been hit with points deductions and transfer embargoes and have always ‘taken our medicine’. The question now is, how much more do we need to take?

“The latest EFL statement is concerning. While we acknowledge that they must be even-handed in their treatment of clubs in violation of their rules, it should be clear that an individual is at fault here – not a football club.

“Reading’s backroom staff worry every month about getting paid, Reading’s fans worry about the future of their club, Reading’s players worry about their efforts on the pitch being erased by incompetence in the boardroom.

“The only person that doesn’t care is Dai Yongge. If previous independent disciplinary commissions are any precedent, he will be the only individual unharmed by the panel’s ruling.

“While respectful of the EFL’s position, we think it is time they are held accountable for their role in football’s ownership problem.

“The EFL’s loose regulations let the fox into our chicken coop. The EFL’s current rules punish the chickens for being eaten. This has to change.

“When making a judgement on our situation, we call on the Independent Disciplinary Commission to question the credibility of rules that only punish those least responsible.

“When the only punishment is to punish the fans, the punishment is not fit for purpose.”

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