Ruben Selles calls on EFL to review rules after Reading FC owner fails to pay staff in full – Reading Today Online

Reading FC - Ruben Selles

READING FC manager admitted that the decision to not pay staff their wages in full was ‘morally wrong’.

The off field issues continue to trouble the club as current owner Dai Yongge was unable to pay staff in full for November.

To avoid a further points deduction, the CEO Dayong Pang made the decision to pay players wages in full, while the rest of the staff were only paid a fraction of their wages.

“We are in a position we don’t want to be,” said Selles.

“Unfortunately the CEO made the decision to pay the players fully and only partially the staff because of the financial situation of the club.

“Strategically, we can understand because we don’t get a points deduction but the human and moral things, we know it’s not the correct thing to do but it’s not my call and myself and the staff don’t get what they deserve for the hard work they put in.”

Selles also called on the EFL to review their rules after the club’s hand was forced to prioritise paying players ahead of other staff in order to avoid another points deduction.

He continued: “The EFL needs to review their rules because they do it in order to have control of the clubs and the ownership but the reality is they are taking out 75% of the workers of Reading Football Club.

“Not only in the case of Reading, but other football clubs. We all as workers of Reading football club want the best for the team and these things don’t help us to speak only about football.”

The Spaniard also commented on the ongoing takeover situation which the club hopes to complete over the next few months.

He said: “I said a few weeks ago that I’m taking myself out of the situation because it was taking a lot of time and focus for me.

“I’m expecting something to happen but not getting full updates because I recommended Mark (Bowen) the rest to just tell me when something happens because I need to be fully focused on football.”

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