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Reading v Swansea City - Ruben Selles

READING FC manager Ruben Selles reflected on another successful cup outing as the Royals scored five to beat Arsenal U21s.

The Royals have scored a remarkable 19 goals in just three EFL Trophy matches, three more than they have managed in 15 League One matches.

“We were front footed, clear in the idea we had,” said Selles.

“We applied pressure and won the ball high. The opponents had some really talented players that could make the difference, but we supported, defended as a team and attacked as a team.

“It was good to see the boys working that hard on the pitch.

“We have a lot of young talented players and they are using their opportunities in the cup, and some are playing in League One.

“We know they can be really good. Hopefully we can start to get more points in the league also.”

Selles also spoke on the ownership debacle and gave his latest thoughts on the developing situation.

He continued: “I literally switched off on that matter because it was consuming a lot of time for me. I decided to switch off, when it happens, it will happen.

“If there is a request from the club to speak to somebody then I will do it.

Because there are so many things around, I decided to switch off on that matter and let people in the club and the owner work on that.

“When there’s something different or they ask me then I will talk to somebody. But I really need to get out of these things because I need to be able to focus even more on the football side.

“With all the extra situations we’ve had in the last few months it’s not easy to relax or switch off

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