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Reading FC

The Supporters Trust at Reading have provided an update on the club’s takeover situation after their latest meeting with Nigel Howe.

Howe, previously CEO at Reading FC, has been asked by owner Dai Yongge to oversee the sale of the club and as a result of holding weekly meeting with STAR.

After their most recent meeting, STAR has issued an update to fans stating that the sale is heading in the ‘right direction’.

However, they did reiterate that exclusivity with any interested parties has yet to be signed.

Meanwhile, they believe that Dai Yongge has been presented with all offers and ‘feels positive’ about at least one of them.

The statement released by STAR also says that Howe is ‘working hard to ensure that any successful bidder can not only buy the club, but find it properly going forward.’

Reading fans have put pressure on current owner Dai Yongge to sell the club since forming pressure group ‘Sell Before We Dai’ in July 2023.

The group has been part of discussion with the government to try and enact change to help fix football’s ownership problem with the proposed introduction of an independent regulator.

The Royals have paid the price for financial mismanagement since Dai Yongge bought the club in 2017 and have been deducted a total of 16 points during his time at the club.

Yongge has also been fined by the EFL, and while they cannot remove him from the club, they have claimed that they are doing all they can to help Reading find new ownership.

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