Tel-U Student Entrepreneurial Group Enlivened The Market Days 2022

Tel-U Student Entrepreneurial Group Enlivened The Market Days 2022

Bandung, Telkom University – The culmination of the 32nd anniversary of Telkom University by presenting “Digital Talent and Innovation: Creating The Future”. This event was enlivened by a talk show, MSIB Fair, and Market Day. This event took place on Tuesday (29/11) on the front page of the Telkom University Convention Hall. The purpose of this event was to support students in realizing business plans and carrying out business activities that had previously gone through the pitching stage in entrepreneurship courses. Another goal is to provide a platform by facilitating transaction activities between entrepreneurial groups and their customers.

This event was enlivened by more than 200 groups of Telkom University student tenants who took the Entrepreneurship course in the Odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. The number of students taking the Entrepreneurship course in the Odd semester of 2022/2023 TA is 2,123 students from 14 study programs. The sales products offered range from snacks, heavy meals, various drinks, bags, clothes, and shoe-washing services to photo printing services. The price of the goods offered is quite affordable with prices ranging from Rp. 5,000.00 to Rp. 15,000.00.

“Alhamdulillah, it was very successful, many students even commented that yesterday Market Day 2022 was more lively than their expectations. Lots of entrepreneurial groups whose products are sold out. In fact, it was sold out in the first two hours of market day, around 10’s. Many of the visiting lecturers were also enthusiastic about buying the products being sold by the students. This includes lecturers in the Entrepreneurship Course who are proud of their students’ ability to sell and promote their products. The success of the event, in my opinion, is also inseparable from the highlight of Tel-U’s anniversary, namely the MSIB Fair and Innovation Expo which were held at the same time. Many visitors to the activity were also interested in taking a look at the market day area.” explained Indria the supervising lecturer for the 2022 Market Day activities.

In this activity, there was also an assessment of the tenants who were selected as ‘Market Day 2022 Featured Products’. For the Non-Culinary category, ‘Toko Walk’ was won by a student from the Bachelor of Communication Science study program with the supervisor Mrs. Zartika Zahra. The Culinary category was won by the ‘Euphoria Group’ from the Informatics Undergraduate study program with Mr. Ahman Sutardi as the supervisor.

As a supervising lecturer for Market Day 2022 activities, it is hoped that in the future this event can continue and also always get support from Telkom University.

“Hopefully the 2022 Market Day activity will continue to receive support from the university so that the implementation can remain as lively and successful as this year,” said Indria.

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