Tel-U Students Carry Out Tree Planting Action in Citarum Sector 23

Tel-U Students Carry Out Tree Planting Action in Citarum Sector 23

Hundreds of Telkom University students planted trees at Situ Cisanti in the upper section of the Citarum river Sector 23. This project is an endeavor to preserve Citarum river’s sustainability, in compliance with Presidential Regulation Number 15 of 2018, titled “Acceleration of Pollution Control and Damage to the Citarum River Basin.”

Head of Student Activity Affairs of Tel-U, Ridwan Sukma, leading this tree planting activity, stated that through this action, Tel-U students are expected to have an early awareness about preserving nature, and can be more concerned about social problems in the community, in this case the Citarum river.

“We invited 123 Tel-U students from various faculties to take part in the tree planting action in the upper section of the Citarum river sector 23. We continue to support the Citarum Harum program through various initiatives, such as Citarum Harum Thematic KKN events. We (Tel-U) are ready to support the preservation of Citarum river; let’s arrange solutions together,” said Ridwan.

Coffee Tree seeds were specifically sown. The Coffee Tree is preferred in this action due to the economic worth of coffee that may be used by people living nearby. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) revealed that the value of Indonesian coffee exports for January-August 2022 was USD 698.18 million, a 45.52% increase during January-August 2021. This is unquestionably a business opportunity for coffee farmers.

This activity was held in connection with TVRI’s 36th Anniversary series. Before the tree-planting campaign began, there was a talk show called “The Fate of Citarum Harum After Presidential Regulation Number 15 of 2018 Ends” This discussion program exemplifies Penta helix synergy by featuring many speakers from each discipline.

Besides Telkom University students, this tree planting event was attended by students from Padjajaran University, Pasundan University, Bandung Islamic University, Parahyangan Catholic University, and Sangga Buana University YPKP.

Writer: Abdullah Adnan | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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