Telkom University and Health BPJS are Improving HR Quality

Telkom University and Health BPJS are Improving HR Quality

BANDUNG, Telkom University – To create Outstanding Human Resources (HR), Telkom University (Tel-U) with the Health Social Security Administration Agency (BPJS Health), agreed to improve the quality of human resources in each institution.

The collaboration was contained in the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) signed by the Tel-U Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Careers and Alumni, Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti, and Director of Human Resources for BPJS Kesehatan, dr. Andi Afdal, at the Damar Telkom University Building, Thursday (10/11).

In the agreement, both parties agreed to organize the recruitment and selection of human resources as apprentices for students, improve the quality of human resources through learning, and study health insurance which includes workshops, and seminars.

At this event, there was also a public lecture entitled “Directors of BPJS Kesehatan Goes to Telkom University,” by David Bangun, the Director of Expansion and Service for Participants of BPJS Kesehatan as the speaker.

David said that currently, 120 Tel-U alums have careers at BPJS Health, and now BPJS Health requires digital talents from Telkom University.

“We (BPJS Kesehatan) are also opening the recruitment to join as part of BPJS Kesehatan. The concept of work in BPJS Kesehatan is Fun and Meaningful. he said.

As the most significant social security agency in the world, David explained, through this partnership, BPJS Kesehatan is ready to help universities, especially Tel-U, to be able to develop research and innovation in the world of health.

“We open up as wide as possible the sample data we have for the world of education and research in the development of research and innovation in Indonesia, and we hope that this collaboration can also grow the human resources needed by the Indonesian nation in the future.”

Dr. Dida, in her speech, expressed her gratitude to BPJS Kesehatan for providing opportunities for Tel-U students and alums to have careers at BPJS Kesehatan.

“We hope that the talents of Telkom University can contribute to BPJS Health in realizing the big dreams of the Indonesian people.” 

Author: Adrian | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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