Telkom University Grants LED Videotron for LLDIKTI Region IV

Telkom University Grants LED Videotron for LLDIKTI Region IV

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University grants an LED Videotron to the Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) Region IV as a supporting facility in the Hall of LLDIKTI Region IV on Wednesday (9/11). LLDIKTI Region IV, the Telkom Education Foundation’s leadership, and Telkom University attended the handover activity.

The signing of the handover of the Videotron LED grant was carried out by the Rector of Telkom University and the Head of LLDIKTI Region IV, which was witnessed directly by the Chairperson of the Telkom Education Foundation and the Head of the General Section of LLDIKTI Region IV, Agus Supriatna, S.Sos, M.Sc.

In his remarks, the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, said that Telkom University is expected to be a role model and an inspiration to contribute to higher education services in West Java and Banten.

“This is a form of Telkom University’s contribution to support the improvement of the best quality of Education services for Education in Region IV.”

The main director of the Telkom Education Foundation, Dodi Irawan, S.T., said that the Telkom Education Foundation also contributed to innovation in the field of education.

“Telkom Education Foundation, as part of PT Telkom Indonesia, is promoting digital connectivity, digital service, and digital ecosystem programs, one of which is by designing edutech. The Telkom Education Foundation supports educational innovation at LLDIKTI Region IV and throughout Indonesia.” Said Dodi Irawan, S.T.

Head of LLDIKTI Region IV, Dr. M. Samsuri, S.Pd., M.T., thank you for the Videotron LED grant and hope that this grant from Telkom University can provide benefits for Education in LLDIKTI Region IV.

“We thank Telkom University for donating this LED Videotron to LLDIKTI Region IV. Hopefully, this new facility can benefit LLDIKTI, including universities under Region IV LLDIKTI, which can be used for the common good.”

Dr. M. Samsuri, S.Pd., M.T., also said that the Videotron LED grant would be reported and registered to the ministry.

“On the good initiative of Telkom University, this grant will be reported to the ministry and registered as state property through the Ministry of Finance,” said Dr. M. Samsuri, S.Pd., M.T.

Author: Karina Permata | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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