Telkom University Lecturer Team Supports TUC Operational Development

Telkom University Lecturer Team Supports TUC Operational Development

Bandung, Telkom University – One way to make public transportation more comfortable for people is to figure out how to handle the number of vehicles, their schedules, and their routes. Based on personal experience when using public transportation facilities, one of the lecturers in the Information Technology Study Program from the School of Informatics at Telkom University, Rahmat Yasiandi, was inspired to develop features that could increase the comfort of public transportation users.

“The thought originally occurred to me perhaps as a result of the fact that I am a lecturer who is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Thailand. There, I frequently make use of services like this for public transportation. The same challenges that I encountered in Thailand, such as the unpredictability of waiting for the bus.”

Seeing the need to optimize the Tel-U Car (TUC) facility, Rahmat invited his colleagues at the Center for Assessment and Application of Technological Innovation for Society (CAATIS) Research Alliance to develop the latest features that can make it easier for TelUtizen to view TUC positions in real time. “We confirm that the conditions are the same, so we are trying to make it happen with colleagues at CAATIS-RA,” said Rahmat.

Regarding the naming of a unique feature, Rahmat also conveyed, “One of the reasons for naming this feature is because there is a resemblance to the typical mode of transportation in Thailand, namely the tuktuk. The Deputy Chancellor for Tel-U Resources, Henry Christiady, also suggested the name ‘Tuc Tuc, because it fits with the abbreviation of Tel-U Car,” said Rahmat.

Currently, “My Tuc-Tuc” is the newest feature that can be accessed through the MyTelU mobile application. Rahmat also added that the “My Tuc-Tuc” feature is currently in version 1.0 and will be improved in the future. The performance of these features will also be refined in the next version.

Author: Tia Hanna Diniasti | Editor: Daris Maulana | Documentation: Public Relations

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