‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Rings of Power’ nominated for 75th Emmy Awards; check full list here –

'The Mandalorian' and 'Rings of Power' nominated for 75th Emmy Awards; check full list here -

The 75th Emmy Awards, presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has unveiled this year’s nomination list. The nominations were announced from the Hollywood Athletic Club, recognising extraordinary programming, performances and a diverse range of exceptional storytelling across multiple platforms.

The live virtual ceremony was hosted by Emmy Award-nominated actress Yvette Nicole Brown and Television Academy chair Frank Scherma. 

“We are thrilled with the historic level of participation from our voting members this Emmy season,” said Scherma. “As we approach the remarkable milestone of the Emmy’s 75th anniversary, the Academy is more appreciative than ever of another year of extraordinary content. We are honoured to recognise those who have elevated the world’s favourite global medium.”

There are more than 20,000 voting members of the Academy and this year’s nominations marked the highest voter participation in Emmy history. Here is the list of nominees for the animation and visual effects category.

Outstanding animated program:

Bob’s Burgers-The Plight Before Christmas, Fox

Entergalactic, Netflix

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, Shadow Of Fate, Adult Swim

Rick & Morty, Night Family, Adult Swim

The Simpsons, Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII, Fox

Outstanding character voice-over performance:

Julie Andrews as Lady Whistledown- Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin- Family Guy

Mel Brooks as the narrator- History Of The World, Part II

Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress- Big Mouth

Wanda Sykes as Gladys- Crank Yankers

Ali Wong as Bertie- Tuca & Bertie

Outstanding special visual effects in a season or a movie:

Star Wars Andor, Disney+

Mohen Leo- visual effects supervisor

TJ Falls- visual effects producer

Richard Van Den Bergh- special effects supervisor

Neal Scanlan- creature effects & droid supervisor

Liyana Mansor- lead visual effects editor

Scott Pritchard- ILM visual effects supervisor

Joseph Kasparian- Hybride visual effects supervisor

Jelmer Boskma- Scanline visual effects supervisor

Jean-Clément Soret- colourist

House of the Dragon, HBO Max

Angus Bickerton- visual effects supervisor

Nikeah Forde- VFX producer

Thomas Horton- VFX producer

Sven Martin- VFX supervisor

Mark Spindler- VFX co-supervisor

Mark Dauth- virtual production supervisor

Sebastian Meszmann- VFX producer

Mike Bell- VFX supervisor

Tobias Graa Winblad- VFX producer

The Last Of Us, HBO Max

Alex Wang- overall visual effects supervisor

Sean Nowlan- overall visual effects producer

Joel Whist- production SFX supervisor

Stephen James- visual effects supervisor, DNEG

Nick Marshall- digital effects supervisor, DNEG

Simon Jung- visual effects supervisor, Weta FX

Dennis Yoo- animation supervisor, Weta FX

Espen Nordahl- visual effects supervisor, Storm Studios

Jonathan Mitchell- visual effects supervisor, Distillery FX

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, Prime Video 

Ron Ames-VFX producer

Jason Smith-VFX supervisor

Nigel Sumner-VFX supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

Ara Khanikian-VFX supervisor, Rodeo FX

Dean Clarke-SFX supervisor

Ken McGaugh-VFX supervisor, Wētā FX

Tom Proctor-VFX supervisor, DNEG

Greg Butler-VFX supervisor, Method Studios

Joe Henderson-visualisation creative supervisor, The Third Floor

The Mandalorian, Disney+

Grady Cofer-visual effects supervisor, production

Abbigail Keller-visual effects producer

Paul Kavanagh-animation supervisor, production

Cameron Neilson-assoc. visual effects supervisor

Scott Fisher-special effects supervisor

Hal Hickel-animation supervisor, production

J. Alan Scott-Legacy effects supervisor

Victor Schutz IV-ILM visual effects supervisor

Bobo Skipper-Important Looking Pirates visual effects supervisor

Outstanding special visual effects in a single episode:

Five Days At Memorial, Day Two, Apple TV+

Eric Durst-VFX supervisor

Matthew Whelan-VFX supervisor

Danny McNair-VFX producer

Goran Pavles-VFX supervisor, Stormborn Studios

Rafael Solórzano-VFX supervisor, El Ranchito

John MacGillivray-SFX coordinator

Viktor Muller-VFX supervisor, UPP

Manuel Tausch-VFX supervisor, Stormborn Studios

Gonzalo Escudero-VFX producer, El Ranchito

Shadow And Bone, Rusalye, Netflix 

Ante Dekovic-VFX supervisor

Helen Jen-VFX producer

Richard Macks-VFX production manager

Gergely Galisz-on-set VFX supervisor

Juri Stanossek-VFX supervisor

Adam Balentine-VFX supervisor

Jane Byrne-VFX supervisor

Håvard Munkejord-VFX supervisor

Angel Rico-VFX supervisor

Ted Lasso Mom City, Apple TV+ 

James MacLachlan-on-set VFX supervisor

Bill Parker-compositing supervisor

Lenny Wilson-CG supervisor

Gretchen Bangs-VFX producer

Brian Hobert-compositing lead

Sherry Li-compositing lead

Kenneth Armstrong-compositing lead

Ying Lin-compositor

Neil Taylor-CG modeller

The Nevers It’s A Good Day, TUBI

Johnny Han-visual effects supervisor

Jack Geist-visual effects producer

Damon Fecht-visual effects editor

Alexandre Prod’homme-on-set VFX supervisor

Emanuel Fuchs-visual effects supervisor

Gaia Bussolati-visual effects supervisor

Ed Bruce-visual effects supervisor

Brian Ali Harding-visual effects artist

Takashi Takeoka-visual effects artist

The Umbrella Academy, Marigold, Netflix 

Everett Burrell-senior VFX supervisor

Phillip Hoffman-VFX producer

Dave Axford-on-set VFX supervisor

Maria Satzetaki-VFX coordinator

Sophie Vertigan-special effects coordinator

Jeff Campbell-VFX supervisor

Laurent Spillemaecker-VFX supervisor

Chris White-VFX supervisor

Ryan Freer-VFX supervisor

Wednesday, A Murder Of Woes, Netflix 

Tom Turnbull-VFX supervisor

Kent Johnson-VFX producer

Jesse Kawzenuk-VFX on-set supervisor

Oana Barden-VFX coordinator

Craig Calvert-VFX supervisor

Ed Englander-VFX supervisor

John Coldrick-VFX supervisor

Brodie McNeill-VFX supervisor

Jason Troughton-special effects supervisor

The 75th Emmy Awards is currently scheduled to broadcast live on Fox on 18 September (8-11 pm EDT/5-8 pm PDT) from the Peacock Theater at L.A. Live. The 2023 Creative Arts Emmy Awards are currently scheduled to take place at the Peacock Theater over two consecutive nights on 9 and 10 September.

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