The Spirit of Harmony Enlighten the Year-End Duties

Melalui Semangat Harmoni Dalam Menjalankan Tugas di Penghujung Tahun

Bandung, Telkom University – To sum up the 2022, Dr. Henry Christiadi as Vice Rector for Human Resources of Telkom University, and his staff conducted a review as well as a friendly visit with security officers on Friday (30/12) in the Telkom University campus environment. This visit is intended as a form of appreciation as well as motivation for security officers so that they can continue to provide maximum service to the institution.

“To all security officers on duty, I beg you to stay alert and not let your guard down, always carry out patrols and pay attention to the flow of people going in and out of the campus environment,” he said.

Henry also added that Telkom University, as a campus that has a large area of land and scattered buildings, certainly requires security with the support of the right technology.

To support this, Telkom University has been equipped with security facilities such as panic buttons, integrated CCTV, and a monitoring command system as a tool for security personnel on duty in the field, said the Director of Logistics, Taufan Umbara.

In this gathering, several places visited included security posts in the campus area including security posts in each faculty, Command Center, and police posts in the Telkom University campus area. This visit was also attended by the HR Directorate. “Providing Excellence services is part of the HEI (Harmony, Excellence, Integrity) values inherent in the Telkom University academic community.” said Suyarti as HR director.

“Thank you to all members of the community who always pay attention to and remind the security team. Hopefully in the future Telkom University can be better, successful and more advanced.” said Febri as the Telkom University Security Team. This statement was similar to what was conveyed by Mr. Kartono “Hopefully there will be nothing, stay safe and Telkom University will be even more glorious”. This hope and prayer is also an encouragement for Telkom University in facing the new year 2023.

The last place visited was the Telkom University Police Post. In this case, the Police Post has been integrated with the Command Center which is an example of harmonious collaboration between Telkom University and the Police. During the visit, Vice Rector II visited Hariyana, a police officer on duty at the Telkom University Police Post.

“Through the spirit of Harmony, Excellence, Integrity Telkom University will be more advanced and ready to face challenges in the new year.” said Henry after a visit to the Telkom University Police Station.

Author: Aprilia Sekar | Editor: Syahriar

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