The Synergy of SOEs (BUMN) and Tel-U E-Sports in Holding a Mobile Legend Competition

The Synergy of SOEs (BUMN) and Tel-U E-Sports in Holding a Mobile Legend Competition

Bandung, March 8

At the SOEs (BUMN) Goes to Campus (BGTC) event which took place at Telkom University on Monday (3/6), a ‘Mobile Legend’ E-Sports Competition was held and was participated by thousands of Telkom University students from various faculties. This event was the synergy between Tel-U and the Ministry of SEOs to support young talent in E-Sports.

This competition was supported by one of Telkom Indonesia’s subsidiaries, Nuon and UPoint.ID, along with the help from the E-Sports Students Activity Unit (UKM) of Tel-U for the technical aspect.

The head of Tel-U E-Sports, who is also a student from School of Informatics, Farhan R., said that participants’ enthusiasm for the SEOs E-Sport Competition was quite big, as seen from hundreds of registrants exceeding the quota provided by the committee.

Farhan said, “The quota for the teams joining this competition is only limited to 32 teams of five members with a total of 160 participants. However, the registrants exceed the available quota showing that the enthusiasm of the students joining e-sports events becomes more massive.”

The announcement for the winner was conducted in front of thousands of Tel-U’s students at the BGTC event. The award was given by the Special Staff III of the Ministry of SEOs, Arya M. Sinulingga accompanied by Rector of Tel-U to Tel-U Alpha team (1st winner), Unbeatable (2nd winner), and Rendaxio (3rd Winner).

E-Sports has now become a digital-based sport that attracts a lot of attention. The birth of talented young athletes from this sport has made E-Sports no longer underestimated. That phenomenon has encouraged Tel-U and the Ministry of SEOs through Telkom Indonesia to cultivate brilliant E-Sports talents by holding various competitions.

Contributor: Abdullah Adnan | Editor: Daris Maulana | Image: Public Relations

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