U.K. Maranatha Benchmark of Academic Management at Tel-U

U.K. Maranatha Benchmark of Academic Management at Tel-U

Bandung – Telkom University, Maranatha Christian University (UK) paid a visit to Telkom University (Tel-U) on Friday (11/11). The purpose of this agenda is to a benchmark related to the governance of the academic field at the Tel-U Academic Directorate. It is a reference material for the Maranatha Christian University. The Academic Director of Maranatha Christian University, Tiurgantini, S.T., M.T disclosed it.

“Thank you to Tel-U for allowing Maranatha Christian University to follow up on this benchmark. We want to explore several points, especially regarding student management, governance at the Tel-U Academic Directorate, and so on. 

The meeting between Tel-U and Maranatha Christian University was organized in the Bangkit Building Lt. 5, Academic Director of Tel-U, Citra Kusuma Dewi, Ph.D., welcomed the team’s arrival from Maranatha Christian University. He hopes that this meeting can generate positive ideas in the future.

“We are always open to any opportunities for collaboration or knowledge sharing like this. Thank you for entrusting us. Here we can learn from each other and exchange information to create better educational services in the future.” Citra said.

The Academic Service Standards Section (BSLA) Tel-U has three primary services: Academic Administration Affairs, Academic Services & Facilities Affairs, and PDDIKTI Management Affairs. Furthermore, discussions between the two universities focused on handling drop-out students without any news; past learning recognition (RPL); document digitization; various programs at the Tel-U Academic Directorate; and DIKTI Data Base (P.D.) 

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