Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Monitor Toddler Nutrition

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Monitor Toddler Nutrition

In November 2022, a team from Telkom University performed a community service at Jakamulya Health Center in Bekasi. Using historical data on the height and weight of toddlers under the age of five (U5) at a health center in Bekasi, Indonesia, this community service seeks to support the development of strategies for preventing malnutrition by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The team’s leader, Siti Saadah (Tisa), S.T., M.T., who is a lecturer at the School of Informatics (FIF), stated that anthropometric measurements are required to identify the growth in nutritional status. This measurement can indirectly provide information to health personnels at the health center as well as parents of toddlers.

“There are three anthropometric measurement indexes: weight for age (WFA), height for age (HFA), and weight for height (WFH),” Tisha explained.

The team members who were involved in the implementation of this community service included two lecturers from the School of Computing (FIF) Annisa Aditsania M.Sc. as a system analyst; and Aniq Atiqi Rohmawati, M.Sc., for publication; and a student from FIF namely Dharaka Pranamya Mahadhika. as a programmer.

This community service activity took place from September to December 2022. The team first conducted literature study learning for classification; research on stunting and wasting monitoring recommendation system; application of Machine Learning methods for classification; socialization of the malnutrition classification system

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