Valuable Major with the Best Job Prospects in 2023 at Telkom University

Valuable Major with the Best Job Prospects in 2023 at Telkom University

Bandung, Telkom University – Choosing a major is an important decision and requires careful consideration. Studying majors you like will certainly make you comfortable, but we also need to look at career prospects and current industry needs. So that it will be easier for us to pursue a career as a professional in the industry. Worry not, here we summarize some valuable majors with the best job prospects in 2023 at Telkom University (Tel-U).

Computer Science & Information Technology

Computing and Data Systems have now become valuable assets for the company. Companies can make the right strategic decisions through well-processed data. Processing and maintenance of computer systems and data needs to be done regularly so that the need for workers in this field will continue to exist and increase

At Tel-U, the School of Informatics has a variety of majors that are relevant to industry needs in the field of Computer Science & Information Technology such as S1 Informatics, S1 Information Technology, Software Engineering S1, and Data Science S1.

Department of Engineering and Health

Engineering majors can work in a variety of industries or become specialists in certain fields. Every field of the company requires engineering graduates who can innovate and provide solutions to existing technological problems in the company. The Covid-19 pandemic has also made the health sector attract a lot of attention so the need for human resources in this sector will continue to increase.

To meet industrial needs in the field of engineering, there are two leading engineering departments at Tel-U, namely the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Industrial Engineering. In these two faculties, study majors have been comprehensively prepared, including Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Physics Engineering, Bachelor of Biomedical, Bachelor of Energy Systems, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Information Systems, and Bachelor of Logistics Engineering.

Business Management, Accounting & Finance

The exponential growth of the business and economic sector requires companies to have the best talent in this field on their team. Expertise in this field prepares graduates to be able to analyze and project company growth and make decisions based on existing data.

Tel-U through the School of Economics and Business has majors relevant to this field, such as S1 Telecommunications and Informatics Business Management (MBTI) and S1 Accounting.

Tourism & Hospitality

Having slumped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel and tourism sector is projected to experience rapid growth in 2023. This is driven by the recovery of the economic sector and the easing of social restrictions. Thus, in the next few years, graduates in this field will be needed in line with the massive growth of the tourism sector.

To meet the needs of the industry in this sector, the School of Applied Sciences has a D3 Hospitality major that is capable of producing competent and competitive graduates.

Advertising & Graphic Design

In today’s all-digital era, the expertise to be able to produce content, advertisements, and the like on various media platforms is a skill that is much sought after. Almost every company requires the production of digital content, for example, to be uploaded on social media.

Tel-U through the School of Creative Industries has majors such as Bachelor of Visual Communication Design and Bachelor of Product Design to support the competence of graduates in that field.

Digital Marketing & Public Relations

Digital content that is shared with the public must certainly have a positive impact on the company and influence public opinion. This major studies how to convey information effectively through the media, journalism, public relations, advertising, and the like. The wide coverage makes graduates of this department able to work in various fields of companies.

Majors available at the School of Business Communication that are relevant to this field include Bachelor of Communication Studies, Bachelor of Digital Public Relations, and Bachelor of Digital Broadcasting.

So that’s several majors that will be trending in 2023 and continue to experience growth in demand from the industry in the next few years. Telkom University as the best private campus in Indonesia has a wide selection of study majors that suit current industry needs. Hopefully, this article can help you determine which major to choose.

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