Viscosity and Impact Modifiers For ABS

Viscosity and Impact Modifiers For ABS

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) introduce solutions as viscosity and impact modifiers for ABS (Acrylonitrile/Butadiene/Styrene).

Lotryl® 29MA03T and Lotryl® 28BA700T are respectively ethylene / methyl acrylate and ethylene / butyl acrylate copolymers with high acrylate concentration. Lotader® AX8900 is a highly reactive ethylene / methyl acrylate / glycidyl methacrylate terpolymer. To reply to a huge demand of viscosity modifiers, SK provides few grades to control the ABS fluidity.

SKFP provide a range of solutions which are contributing on the fluidity of the matrix and specifically designed for high impact resistance of ABS compounds.

Lotader® AX8900 is used to decrease the ABS fluidity and increasing impact strength.

Lotryl® 28BA700T comes as a solution to lower the viscosity and increasing impact strength.

Lotryl® 29MA03T is the solution to significantly increase the impact strength while keeping the fluidity. These three technologies can be helpful with all the ABS structures and can reply to improve the performance in many applications.

Typical characteristics of Lotryl® 29MA03T, Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotader® AX8900

CharacteristicsLotader® AX8900Lotryl® 28BA700TLotryl® 29MA03TUnitStandardAcrylate content24% MA28% BA29 MAwt%FTIR (internal method)

SK Functional Polymer has more than 50 years of experience in the development of specialty polyolefins. SKFP products are sold under the brand names of Lotader®, Lotryl®, Orevac® and Evatane®. They are used in applications such as Packaging, Automotive, Construction and Circular Economy. 

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