Viscosity and Impact Modifiers For HIPS

Viscosity  and  Impact  Modifiers  For  HIPS

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) is solutions provider for viscosity and impact modifiers of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene).

HIPS are commonly used in fridge, toys, models, appliances and need to keep their impact strength consistent over the time.

SKFP provides a functional resin to control the HIPS performance based on Lotryl® 29MA03T ethylene – methyl acrylate copolymer with high acrylate concentration. It can be added to HIPS at loading from 2.5 w% to 5.0w% to increase significantly the impact resistance of high impact polystene (HIPS).  

Lotryl® 29MA03T was designed to increase HIPS impact resistance while keeping its MFI unchanged. SKFP can also recommend some solutions to adjust the fluidity upward or downward depending on the requirement of the final application of the compound.@rW1t@Z4vUcDGUrAyTAPvVUA

Lotryl® technology can be helpful with many HIPS formulations and can help customers to meet styrenic compounds specifications.  

CharacteristicsLotryl®29MA03TUnitAcrylate content29% MAwt%Functional monomer content/wt%Melting point93°CMelt Index (190°C/2.16kg)3g/10min

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