‘We were on top the entire game’ Reading FC boss reacts to another win – Reading Today Online

Oxford United v Reading

READING manager Ruben Selles praised his team’s performance after they took another step to puts themselves further clear of the League One relegation zone.

Femi Azeez netted a double to help the Royals earn their second victory in a row as they continued their resurgent recent form.

“I think it’s always difficult when a club changes their manager,” said Selles.

“It took us 10, 12 minutes to settle and start to play with the ball down in possession.

“After that the team was powerful and we had the idea of what we wanted to do.

“During the entire game, we were on top of the game.”

Selles noted Reading’s ability to profit from Amadou Mbengue’s long throws which have resulted in the team’s last three goals,

He continued: “Sometimes you don’t score for 10 games when you get those situations. I think he is a quick learner and is getting better, improving around five metres in his throwing.

“The throw is just a header in the dual and more central in the box and it leads to the second action that we need to be ready to score.

“I think Femi was there in the action, making the proper movement. We had another way to get into our game and we’re using it.

“If we cannot score in open play or not finishing then we have that. We had a couple of corners and free kicks where we are dangerous, so I think the team is growing and developing in set plays.

“The clean sheet comes from the performance, and the performance comes with a clear idea and identity.

“I am not going to work with team that defends lower and waits to make clearances and transitions, we need to press higher and keep the line higher and keep the possession away from our goal.

“The more we have the ball the less they have chances to score. The clean sheet is a result of a lot of things.”

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