Crayola Studios’ Victoria Lozano announces major deal with 9 Story during MipJunior keynote –

Crayola Studios' Victoria Lozano announces major deal with 9 Story during MipJunior keynote -

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

Crayola EVP Victoria Lozano took to the stage at MipJunior in Cannes, France on 15 October to set out the vision and inspiration behind Crayola Studios’ move into entertainment content and explained why the plans fit naturally with the company’s wider ethos.

Delivering the keynote presentation, Lozano stressed the long-term commitment to the studio and revealed the insights that helped inform the decision. Unveiling the latest step in the studio’s content strategy, she announced a significant new production deal with 9 Story Media Group.

“As world leaders in creative self-expression, the move is a logical next step for the brand,” explained Lozano. “With the establishment of Crayola Studios, we seek to inspire and nurture the next generation and help them develop lifelong creative mindsets. I believe Crayola’s unique perspective and its long-standing mission and values present an exciting opportunity for the industry as it searches for and develops stand-out new entertainment content with creative self-expression at its heart.”

Furthermore, research undertaken by Crayola demonstrates that parents are very much on board with the company’s move into entertainment content with Crayola Studios receiving a 94 per cent appeal rating. Also, at least 95 per cent of respondents said they expected shows from Crayola Studios to be highly entertaining, creative and educational, as well as more creative than other shows currently available. Lastly, the already strong interest in the individual show concepts grew by an average of 75 per cent when parents learned these would be presented by Crayola Studios.

“Parents value creativity but many are looking for help to nurture it in their kids. Creativity is a life skill critical to future potential.  So, it is only natural for Crayola, that has been a trusted part of kids’ and families’ lives for over a century, to take on a role of championing and celebrating children’s creative self-expression,” explained Lozano. “Crayola has a unique perspective, one that we’ve translated into key tenets for entertainment revealing a white space in the industry. No one does – or frankly can do – this the way Crayola can.”

In addition to outlining the genesis of and rationale behind Crayola Studios, Lozano unveiled the company’s significant development, production co-financing and licensing deal with 9 Story Media Group, a leading creator, producer, and distributor of award-winning animated and live action content for audiences around the world. Both the companies will work together on the development of the shows with 9 Story handling production and distribution and Crayola managing the licensing and merchandising for the franchises.

For the first title in the multi-project deal, 9 Story will partner with Crayola Studios and Mimo Studios on the active development of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian. The animated adaptation of Gen-Z Media’s award-winning kids’ podcast written and performed by Jonathan Messinger with the help of his son, is to be produced by 9 Story in collaboration with Crayola Studios and Mimo Studios. A first-look is being presented to buyers at MIP.

Of the partnership, Lozano said, “We are excited to work with 9 Story and this strong partnership demonstrates Crayola’s ambition for our move into kids’ content. Our aim is to work with best-in-class creators, studios and distribution partners who share our vision in creating inspiring, joyful, and encouraging new multi-genre content. We know 9 Story’s outstanding expertise and flair will help us to achieve something special.”

9 Story Media Group president and CEO Vince Commisso said, “Crayola is a brand trusted by families worldwide for generations. We’re very happy to be teaming up with them to develop content that explores the limitless possibilities of children’s creativity. Their unique insight into the creative self expression of kids, coupled with our industry experience and expertise opens up incredible possibilities to produce a range of content that families worldwide will take into their hearts.”

Crayola Studios is the entertainment content arm of Crayola and is supported by sister company Hallmark Media.

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