Gamitronics unleashes metaverse, VR, and AI assistants to elevate cultural spectacle –

Gamitronics unleashes metaverse, VR, and AI assistants to elevate cultural spectacle -

In a visionary move, the Odisha state government gears up for the grand inauguration of the first World Odia Language Conference (WOLC) 2024. The inaugural edition, slated to be held from 3-5 February 2024, promises an unprecedented fusion of physical and virtual realms at Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar. The forward-looking state will hold the event on metaverse along with the physical event happening on ground.

The decision to host this linguistic extravaganza was seeded in a Special Cabinet meeting at Puri in 2017, and it found fruition in the third Heritage Cabinet held on 19 December 2023, with smart city Bhubaneswar as the venue for the inaugural World Odia Language Conference.

Odia, as one of India’s six classical languages, embodies the collective identity, pride, and spirit of Odisha Paribar’s 4.5 crore people. This monumental gathering aims not only to commemorate the illustrious past of Odia language and to navigate its transformative present but also to chart a course towards an aspirational linguistic future, celebrating the rich culture and heritage of the state. The conference’s emotional tapestry weaves threads of antiquity, continuity and a vision that extends both roots and wings, celebrating diversity and anticipating the challenges of the digital age.

Gamitronics CEO Rajat Ojha, the catalyst behind the metaverse marvel, beamed with pride as Gamitronics Studio’s PartyNite – India काअपनाMetaverse (India’s very own Metaverse) got the opportunity to execute the assignment of recreating the event in the digital space, thus becoming a part of the World Odia Language Conference. Gamitronics is credited for the development of landmark projects like bringing Dubai Gold Souk, Rasasi, Van Heusen and many brands to PartyNite and having celebrated IPs like ChhotaBheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka, Speedy Gun Savage to name a few.

Ojha expressed, “Beyond merely documenting the event, we’re crafting a digital journey that captures Odisha’s cultural and linguistic essence, encapsulating the very spirit of the state rooted in language. The metaverse acts as a global connector, allowing Odia communities worldwide to actively participate and immerse themselves in the celebration. It’s not just about preservation; it’s about creating an irresistible experience, particularly for the youth, ensuring the World Odia Language Conference  becomes an unforgettable and engaging event for everyone involved.”

Conference highlights: A multifaceted experience unfolds

Scheduled over three days, the conference will feature 16 sessions filled with intellectual and academic discourse, boasting a lineup of 80 plus speakers, 16 chairpersons, and 16 rapporteurs from both India and abroad.

The ancient exhibition hall promises a journey through time, showcasing treasures like rock and cave paintings,Inscriptions from Dhauli, Hatigumpha and more. The medieval hall offers glimpses into KalingaNagara Temple Architecture, the Sun Temple, the Konark Wheel, Khiching Temple, Gupteswar Temple, and regional folk dances, among other cultural gems.

Labelled as the ‘Making of Modern Odisha,’ the Exhibition Hall transforms into a temporary museum, housing language heritage, the building of modern Odisha, and tributes to intellectual leaders. The event is not just a conference; it’s a sensory feast with attractions like sand art, a book wall, AasaPadhiba-Branded Bus Library, Virtual Reality, Language Atlas, Robots, and the AI Anchor -Janani, captivating attendees with a multifaceted experience.

Gamitronics’ VR-enabled PartyNite platform: Global access ensured

Gamitronics is also recreating the entire event in a fully VR-enabled PartyNite platform but not limited to VR as users can experience it on almost every platform. While the physical event unfolds on the ground until evening in Bhubaneswar, individuals across the globe, including those in different timezones, can seamlessly access booths in the middle of the night. Trained artificial intelligence mascots will be on hand to interact with participants, addressing inquiries related to the various booths, objectives of the event, agendas, facts about Odia and various relevant topics.

One of the Mascots

Metaverse participants can partake in the full spectrum of activities, from book launches to speeches by dignitaries, cultural programs, and real-time workshops. There will be zoom integration to talk to booth owners all the expo halls and speakers podiums. They will also offer real time language workshops with varied Odia dialects translation.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Rajat Ojha, CEO Gamitronics shared, “The partnership with Government of Odisha for recreating the World Odia Language Conference in the digital space has been an extraordinary journey. The forward thinking mindset of the Government of Odisha has streamlined the complete process. With the awareness and eagerness to embrace cutting-edge technologies, especially for the youth, the Government of Odisha has made this collaboration an endeavour which will create a legacy for the future.”

The World Odia Language Conference, with its fusion of tradition and technology, is not merely an event; but isa digital odyssey through the heart and soul of Odisha’s rich cultural tapestry.

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