Inauguration of Tel-U Students Activity Units Year 2023

Inauguration of Tel-U Students Activity Units Year 2023

The Directorate of Student Affairs Tel-U held the Inauguration of the Students Activity Units (UKM) on Friday (17/2). During this event, attending students were also provided training in Student Management Skills (LKKM). The inauguration of UKM is also an important opportunity for students to develop themselves, expand their network, and express their interests and hobbies in the campus environment.

Also present at this event was the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, who officially inaugurated 49 UKMs as well as guided the UKM chairmen in reading the pledge. The Rector emphasized the importance of Tel-U UKMs in providing positive value to the environment, making UKM management a maturing process to broaden perspectives in problem-solving.

“I would like to convey a message to fellow students, that when becoming administrators of UKM, please provide good value for stakeholders and society. So that our existence (Tel-U) can be beneficial to the environment. Create programs that have positive benefits, that way insyaAllah, there will be lessons learned that we can obtain to grow maturity,” said Adiwijaya.

The Director of Student Affairs Telkom University, Dessy Dwi Nurhandayani, S.T., MM., stated that there were about 49 UKMs that would be inaugurated at this event, consisting of five categories, including Reasoning, Sports, Arts, Spirituality, and Social UKMs.

“In addition to the inauguration of UKMs, today we will also provide training related to the technical implementation of student organizations, as well as risk mitigation in every activity that will be implemented by students. We will also help equip fellow students in critical thinking and team building; thus, they will be ready to run UKM activities in 2023,” said Desy.

After the inauguration, the new UKM board will begin its duties in leading the UKM and planning activities that will be conducted for the next year. UKM activities at Telkom University are varied, ranging from arts and culture, sports, science, and technology, to social and humanitarian fields.

Author: Abdullah Adnan | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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