‘It’s been a terrible season, something has to change’ Sam Hutchinson speaks passionately following late defeat – Reading Today Online

Reading FC - Sam Hutchinson

READING FC player Sam Hutchinson spoke passionately about the problems at the club following the team’s late collapse at Shrewsbury Town on Saturday.

Following another loss which leaves Reading bottom of League One and 10 points adrift of safety, Hutchinson alluded to problems both on and off the pitch.

“We haven’t won for ages so we will see what happens, but it doesn’t help when everyone keeps jumping on your back,” said Hutchinson.

“We’re trying. We’re a young group, we’re inexperienced. No one wants to hear that but it’s actually what is happening. We are trying our hardest. That’s what we are as a team.

“We don’t go out there to lose.There’s stuff going on that not everyone is privy to, that people don’t see on a daily basis. The boys are trying their hardest.

“When people want to slate you, it’s difficult to take when things aren’t right. It’s not for me to go into. I’m a player.

“We don’t help ourselves. We’re inexperienced, we’re naive. I lost my runner for Dunks. It’s just excuses, we can make all the excuses in the world. We’re not good enough as a team. We’re not good enough as a club.

“Anger comes from everyone. The fans are angry and you can see that. You can apologise until you’re blue in the face or speak in the dressing room and say all this rubbish, it doesn’t help.

“You have to get on the pitch and show experience and know how, do the right things, win ugly. Unfortunately we’re not doing that and we get punished week in, week out.”

Hutchsinon vented his frustrations at results on the pitch, but remained adamant that the players and staff are giving their all to try and fix the situation.

He continued: “We’re all getting scrutinised. Everyone is. It’s a hard one to take. It’s horrible, I’m fed up of losing.

“I know what I would change, but it’s not up to me. I’m not the manager. I’m just one man with an opinion. It’s not for me to change. I’m just a number. I play when I’m asked to play.

“Regardless of performance, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t give 100%.

“So that says one, there’s not the quality, we might be doing the wrong things or something else is going on.

“That’s the difficult bit to take when you’re giving the best you can do with the messages you’re being given and you’re still losing. That’s hard.

“Regardless of formation or tactics, we didn’t see out the game.

“There’s so many problems at this club. We’re all trying to do our best, the players, the staff, the management and sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say it’s not good enough. All of us.

“It’s been a terrible season, we’ve got to be honest and we have to try and get out of this as a club.

“Everyone can speak so much. We’ve had meetings upon meetings. Player led meetings, Staff meetings. Something has to change.”

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