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Bracknell Town v Poole Town Pictures: John Leakey

BRACKNELL TOWN progressed through to the next round of the FA Cup with a home victory over Poole Town in the third qualifying round with two late penalties.

It was a competitive game from the start with Robins getting into the Poole half immediately, but Poole countered quickly although Harrison got to the loose ball and played it back to Eacott who launched the ball some distance for Esprit.

Bracknell Town v Poole Town Pictures: John Leakey

The ensuing shot was on target but Evans saved any chance of a quick goal. Robins worked back again but Evans had a goal kick to take before Robins tried again but conceded a free kick.

However, yellow cards became a short trend. English was the first. Esprit took a shot having received the ball from English that Evans saved but took a free kick. Wright received a yellow card for a misdemeanor and Evans made a good save from the free kick.

A free kick to Bracknell sailed over the crowded Poole area but the defence cleared the ball as the visitors mounted a counter attack but Lee Tony-James missed the target.Poole pushed up and Eacott saved the shot then Robins reached the opposite end as Harrison’s header missed.


In the 35th minute, Robins took a corner and the ball came back to Ashley Lodge near the edge of the area and he cracked the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0.

English had a potshot but the ball was too high to go into the net. Poole gained a corner and the ball was headed away only to fall at the feet of a Poole player whose shot went over the top.

Then Poole with just a few minutes left had a corner kick and in the crowd the ball was pumped into the net to score the equaliser by Ojo Destiny.

From the start of the second half, Robins made a drive at the Poole defenders and forced a corner kick which was close but so was Evans.

Robins were spending time settled in the Poole half even though the rivalry was equally matched, Bracknell were gaining more ground from time to time. The game was turned by a foul by Wright in the area and the referee pointed to the spot. Nana Owusu made no mistake by dispatching the penalty.


Then a bonus goal cropped up as a penalty was given for another foul which was committed with not much time left.

Harris smashed the ball past Max Evans who had made some commendable saves during the course of the game.

Report by Arthur Strand





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