Multifaceted Approaches to Improve Sustainability of Multilayer Packaging

Multifaceted Approaches to Improve Sustainability of Multilayer Packaging

by Dr Cristian Marro Bellot

21st Nov. 2023

SK geo centric (SKGC) has launched three general multi-approaches to improve the sustainability and the effect of plastic packaging wastes on the earth environment.

Approach #1: Ecodesign:  by limiting the quantity of plastic used in a packaging composites, replacing one resin with another one with lower carbon footprint, and designing resins with high performance such as YUCLAIRTM can facilitate plastic packaging recyclability. SKGC commercializes YUZEXTM HDPE in order to produce monomaterial multilayer films. These films exhibit good mechanical, optical and heat-sealing properties, making them suitable for packaging applications. Monomaterial packaging are easier to recycle than multi-material packaging.

Approach #2: Mechanical recycling: Plastic modifiers and compatibilizers are used to boost the physical properties of recycled plastics and their blends. LOTADER® reactive polymers and LOTRYL® acrylate resins are used to recover the impact resistance and viscosity of styrenics (ABS, HIPS). OREVAC® 18341 can help compatibilizing polyethylene and EVOH issued from barrier packaging. 

Approach #3: Chemical recycling: SKGC has announced the Advanced Recycled Cluster which would gather in the same site the recycling of plastic wastes to produce Chemical Recycled PET by depolymerization, PP solvent extraction, and one of the highest pyrolysis plant in the world. This project, located in Ulsan, Korea, would have a total capacity of 250kT/year and will start by 2025.It is aimed to be expanded in EU and the USA.

Dr. Marro presentation details the three approaches of SKGC to recycle plastics wastes. Feel free to download the presentation slides by clicking this link: AMI Presentation

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