Offsite Meetings: A Winning Strategy For Your Team

Offsite Meetings: A Winning Strategy For Your Team

1.  Confidence Booster

Off site meetings show attendees that they are valued and help to break down barriers that often inhibit the honest sharing of ideas. Many meeting attendees say that they find a new environment to be a less-intimidating atmosphere than a traditional setting. Off-site meetings encourage participation, shakes up the status quo and fosters open and honest discussion and sharing of ideas.

2. Fast Track Team Building

Team bonds are strengthened when teams share memorable moments. Outside of the traditional team building activities which are normally associated with corporate meetings, an off-site session provides new opportunities for bonding – maybe it’s as simple as car-pooling on the way there or sharing a breakout session – these moments give employees a chance to connect and find commonalities.

3. Stimulates Creativity

There is nothing like a change of scene to spark the imagination! Seeing things from a new perspective comes easier when the environment is also renewed. Ideation flows more readily in off-site sessions, unleashing previously untapped creativity.

4. Refresh and Reboot

We all know the routine, and when the work week starts to seem like Groundhog Day, it’s time to hit the refresh button! Lighting the fire of employee engagement can start with an offsite meeting, allowing staff to try something different, break out of routines and return to work refreshed, reinvigorated and more productive.

5. Laser Focus

Outside of the familiar surroundings of the everyday work environment employees are more likely to focus on the task at hand without the distractions of email, phone and the usual interruptions which hamper productivity.

6. Real Life Face Time

Communicating with the same people face-to-face rather than via computer or telephone, moves collaboration to the next level. By moving a brainstorming session to an offsite location, attendees actually experience the benefits of true intra-organisational networking.

7. Superior Amenities and Technology

Being a dedicated event destination, an offsite venue can offer excellent amenities, services and the latest in technology.  This means better presentations, more space to ensure your team stay safe and why not treat them to some hospitality to really increase engagement and enhance creativity. Meeting planners can relax and know that all the details are taken care of by the professionals.

So, change it up and get planning – off-site meetings are a simple way to reinvigorate enthusiasm, attentiveness and productivity!

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