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Reading FC

READING FC fan group Sell Before We Dai released a statement following the abandonment of the club’s home match with Port Vale.

Thousands of fans took to the pitch in the 16th minute of the game, which eventually got the game abandoned as supporters staged more protests against club owner Dai Yongge.

The pressure group, set up before the start of the 2023/24 season was established to urge Yongge to sell the club.

The statement released by SBWD reads: “Today is a dark day for Reading Football Club.

“The first fan-led match abandonment in our 152-year history should not be celebrated, but the spontaneous, unfiltered passion, as well as the will and determination of our fans, should be. Today has proven beyond any doubt that Reading fans will not be ignored and will fight to the bitter end for our club.

“Our ownership is duplicitous and destructive. Players are being sold without the manager’s knowledge, staff are being made redundant, potential investors are being put off by those meant to be facilitating the sale. We either have no communication or we are lied to.

“We understand that we will be punished by the EFL, but what we really need is help. Today was an outpouring of emotion from a fanbase not known for its hostility. We are scared for the future of our football club and the threat could not be more real. Our owner has already killed two clubs. We cannot be the third.

“We call on the EFL to continue with their aim to expel Dai Yongge as an owner and we call on our fans to stay organised and united. We want this to be our last abandoned match, but it is just the start of this elevated protest action.

“Finally, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks and apologies to the travelling Port Vale fans who showed us unwavering solidarity throughout today’s protest. We won’t forget it.”

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