Socialization of the U-Homestay Application

Socialization of the U-Homestay Application

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Paguyuban Homestay Kamojang is an organization for homestay owners in Kamojang hamlet, Laksana Village, Ibun District, Bandung Regency.

The association was formed as a coordination tool among the owners of the homestay kamojang to overcome various problems in managing the homestay business to minimize business competition and develop joint companies so that the homestay association can assist tourism development in Laksana village.

Although Paguyuban Homestay Kamojang is still relatively new because it was only established in 2021, the existence of homestays in Kamojang, Laksana village Since 2018, was initiated by P.T. Pertamina Geothermal Energy-Kamojang. The homestay in Kamojang, Laksana Village, can facilitate tourists to stay longer because Laksana Village has several tourist destinations, including Kamojang Crater, Geothermal tourism, Eagle Conservation, Ciharus Lake, and Manuk Crater.

Tourists need more than a day to be able to visit these tourist destinations. The professional management of the homestay community can be a means of organizational learning by implementing good community governance.

Paguyuban Homestay Kamojang already has Articles of Association, Bylaws, and Organizational Structure to realize good community governance. This association already has administrators who are members of the association. Although the age of this community is still relatively young, its members have the motivation to develop and advance together.

Through the Community Service Engagement (CSE) Program -Telkom University, Lecturer of Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business- Telkom University; Dr. Majidah, SE., MSi, and Dr. Cahyaningsih, SE., MSi., Ak., CA conducted training and mentoring on Homestay Community Governance and Community Financial Literacy. The outputs of this CSE program include A.D. and ART associations and organizational structures so that after the CSE program, homestay owners form the Kamojang Homestay Paguyuban.

The association operates and refers to the preliminary survey to measure the activities and technological needs to help smooth the management of the homestay community. It is necessary to have an application that will facilitate organizational activities so that the homestay management can carry out their duties and produce transparent homestay management reports that are accountable and responsible. Therefore, this community needs to be facilitated by an application to support community management named U-Homestay.

The application has a philosophy. U has two meanings; (1) Telkom University (Tel-U), according to Mars Tel-U “, a role for the Nation, for Indonesia, for the World,” and (2) U means you: the application was made for you, namely, Paguyuban Homestay Kamojang to help manage transparent and accountable. This application is designed to be used by other homestays.

U-Homestay is the output of an applied research partnership with the theme of e-Governance funded by PPM Telkom University. This partnership applied research is a collaboration between the Accounting Study Program from the School of Economics and Business (Dr. Majidah, SE., MSi, and Dr. Cahyaningsih, SE., MSi., Ak., CA) and the D3 Software Engineering Study Program from School of Applied Sciences ( Hetti Hidayati. S. Kom., M.T.). On Saturday, July 23, 2022, an application trial was conducted under the guidance of Ms. Hetti Hidayati and the Application Development Team. The purpose of this trial is for U-Homestay to answer the needs of community members. On the test, the members were enthusiastic about the U-Homestay application. Also, there was feedback from the members, including from the head of the association, to improve the application.

This partnership applied research activity also answers Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 11, namely decent work and economic growth and Sustainable Cities and Settlements. Through this applied research, it is hoped that it can encourage homestay owners as community members to develop a sustainable economy.

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