Tel-U and Allo Bank Organize The Financial Literacy for Students

Tel-U and Allo Bank Organize The Financial Literacy for Students

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the Business Administration Study Program (Prodi) of the School of Communication and Business (FKB) in collaboration with Allobank and InvestasiKu held the Alloinvest Goes to Campus activity, which took place in the FKB Hall, Wednesday (11/16).

This activity was titled “Experience a Simple Life for Better Tomorrow” which was attended by students of the Business Administration Study Program batch 2021 and 2022. At this event Samantha Leopard as Allobank’s Business Manager was also present; Firman Marihot, CFP as Chief Digital Officer of InvestasKu; Fadillah Qudsi as Head of Research of InvestasiKu; and Ghazi Winata the CEO & Owner of the Indonesian Stock Bombing Community.

In her presentation, Samantha Leopard said that today’s payment methods can only be on one hand because today’s generation tends to want to always be fast and easy.

“Today’s generation of children tend to want to do things that are practical, fast, and easy, including working, studying, and doing activities. From this problem, digital banking is needed because it is practical, easy to use, and only in one hand.” Samantha said.

Firman Marihot, CFP as the Chief Digital Officer of InvestasiKu, said that investment must be made early because it is to fight the inflation rate.

“If there is inflation, the price of goods will rise and the value of money will decrease. But students don’t need to worry if they want to invest, it’s enough to use small funds, they can invest directly but still pay attention to the high risk and high return.”

The Deputy Dean of FKB, Rah Utami Nugrahani, Ph.D., in his remarks strongly supported this activity because it could introduce financial literacy to students in the Business Administration Study Program.

“This activity is important to listen to because it will be invited to get to know financial literacy that has prioritized technology and taught how to choose investments that are safe and useful for the future according to student abilities,” he said.

Author: Karina Permata | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Public Relations

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