Tel U Back With “Beranda” Exhibition

Tel U Back With “Beranda” Exhibition

The School of Creative Industries-Telkom University held the 8th Veranda Exhibition, established on 15-16 October 2022 at the Bandung City Museum. The Veranda Exhibition is an annual exhibition that displays various student works from the Interior Design Study Program.

Fariqi, a student of the 2020 Interior Design Study Program who is the Chair of the Committee, explained that the Veranda Exhibition, this time, was held offline after previously being held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This exhibition has the theme “Back to Reality.”

“The purpose of Back to Reality is that we are trying to return the Home Exhibition to the real world. Previously, in 2021 the theme was Game World, which is imaginative. The concept used this year combines Terrarium and Nusantara,” he explained.

Hendi Anwar as a supervisor added that the works displayed were the result of coursework assignments in the Interior Design study program carried out by active students. 

“Aside from being a medium for publishing student works, this exhibition is also a forum for students to explore their experiences related to participating in organizing exhibition activities on a wider scale.”

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