Tel-U Hosts Announcement Top 150 Social Project Innovillage 2022

Tel-U Hosts Announcement Top 150 Social Project Innovillage 2022

Telkom University once again hosted the Innovillage 2022 series of events, namely the Top 150 Announcement Innovillage 2022, which took place at the Tel-U Damar (K) Auditorium on Monday (3/10). This event is an announcement for social projects that have passed the best 150, which will continue to the next stage.

Innovillage 2022 is an event that provides opportunities for students interested in developing technology in remote areas in Indonesia to spread benefits to the broader community. It was stated by the Chancellor of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya.

“PT. Telkom Indonesia, through Tel-U, is working together to make this program a reality. We hope that fellow students can utilize this opportunity to create innovations and research. Don’t forget the most important thing is the most significant benefit to the community, “said the rector.

In 2022, the total number of students participating in the Innovillage program will be 1,439 students from 120 universities in 25 provinces. The total funding to be disbursed for all social projects is 2.5 billion rupiahs.

According to Telkom CDC Senior Manager for Community Development, Suharsono, the social projects made by students continue to improve in quality, so this program continues as social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility) of SOEs, especially PT Telkom in collaboration with Tel-U. “The team that passed the top 150 will then participate in a boot camp with experts to learn how to communicate with the community, develop projects, implement projects, and make reports for the next month,” said Suharsono.

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