Tel-U Students Win Honorary Awards at the 2022 Presidential Election

Tel-U Students Win Honorary Awards at the 2022 Presidential Election

The 2022 Election of Outstanding Students (Pilmapres) was held again. One of Telkom University’s students, Muhammad Yusuf Basqara, from the D3 Application Software Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Applied Sciences, won an Honorary Award in the 2022 Pilmapres. The award ceremony was held at the University of Indonesia on Saturday (1/10).

Pilmapres is a student competition organized by the National Achievement Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education every year. The purpose of Pilmapres itself is to give appreciation to the best students. They are ready to become agents of change to build a better Indonesia, with a focus on undergraduate and diploma students.

This program was attended by 30 students from various universities throughout Indonesia, consisting of 15 undergraduate students and 15 Diploma students. These outstanding students were selected based on four stages of selection: Outstanding Achievements; Creative Ideas for Undergraduates and Innovative Products for Diplomas; Video Presentation of Ideas in English on SDGs issues; and Presentations and Interviews related to Leading Achievements. In the final stage, innovative products have been made to validate that these products have been implemented.

Yusuf hopes that in the future, Telkom University will have more talents who can represent the campus to excel, especially in the Pilmapres. Yusuf also invited his fellow students to contribute to the surrounding environment.

“My message to fellow students is that being a student is an extraordinary privilege because there are many opportunities that can be done. So make the most of this privilege. One more thing, don’t forget to start dreaming and dream big things because we will never know when the dream will be achieved, starting with a dream and being validated with achievements.”

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