Telkom University is Trusted to be the Center for Metaverse Development

Telkom University is Trusted to be the Center for Metaverse Development

MADRID, October 27th 2022 – Following up on the meeting between the Indonesian Delegation led by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia (Menkominfo RI) Johnny G Plate and Meta at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in March 2022. The Indonesian Delegation represented by Mulyadi (Kominfo) and Bayu Hari Saktiawan (KBRI Madrid), Lia Yuldinawati (Telkom University) again held a meeting with Meta on Thursday (27/10) in Madrid, Spain.

This meeting was held to harmonize cooperation programs and discuss preparations for launching a metaverse collaboration program between the digital community in Indonesia and the industry. As a result of this meeting, Telkom University was chosen as the Metaverse Research & Experience Center in Indonesia and became the coordinator of the community collaboration program.

Mulyadi, Director General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology (Ditjen SDPPI), said that the Metaverse Research and Experience Center in Indonesia could support the national digital transformation program and bring many benefits to the people of Indonesia.

“We believe this collaboration will be strong because many parties are involved. Hopefully, this collaboration can support the National Digital Transformation program by meeting the community’s needs, bringing benefits to the community, improving people’s welfare, and bringing more benefits.” Mulyadi said.

Bayu Hari Saktiawan, Minister Economic Counselor of the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid as a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also attended and supported this collaborative metaverse activity.

Lia Yuldinawati, Director of Strategic Cooperation and International Affairs Office of Telkom University, said that collaboration from various parties is needed in building a metaverse ecosystem in Indonesia.

“Telkom University is ready to be part of Metaverse development in Indonesia. However, establishing the Metaverse requires collaboration between stakeholders. That is the spirit we are trying to present here by building a partnership and collaboration program in Indonesia, the first national-level collaboration program in the world. We want to be proactive in building a metaverse ecosystem in Indonesia.” Said Lia.

In addition, Eran Tal, Director of Infrastructure & Technology Ecosystem Meta, expressed his appreciation and willingness to continue to support this program.

“We appreciate this initiative and will fully support all programs that will be carried out and will continue to collaborate in the future,” Eran said. On a separate occasion, Dan Rabinovitsj, Vice President of Meta Connectivity, conveyed the same thing regarding his support for this metaverse collaboration program.

Four proposed workstream activities have been aspired by the digital community in Indonesia, including network measurement or Network Baselining in national infrastructure readiness for metaverse, building and testing network solutions that are ready for Metaverse or Metaverse Ready Networks, use cases & Metaverse applications, and support the Metaverse ecosystem. Later the results of the metaverse workstream have the potential to be implemented in the development of the digital transformation of the Indonesian National Capital (IKN).

Writer: Daris Maulana | Editor: Daris Maulana | Photo: Lia Yuldinawati

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