Telkom University Receives Aircraft Grant

Telkom University Receives Aircraft Grant

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University (Tel-U) was represented by the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences, Angga Rusdinar, Ph.D. received a grant for an aircraft from the First Marshal of the TNI Retired. Sardjono at the handover ceremony at the Selaru Building, Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT) Telkom University, Friday (14/10). The awardee is stated in the Cooperation Agreement between the School of Applied Sciences and the First Marshal of the TNI Retired. Sardjono, number 316/SAM4/IT-DEK/2022, in the agreement, FIT received a grant in the form of a PZL-104 WILGA 35 WILGA type aircraft in 1968. The Dean of FIT, Angga Rusdinar, Ph.D., will be used to develop research in the development of Avionics (Avionics) and certification training from the Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization (AMTO).

“This plane is at FIT and can be used by all faculties to jointly conduct research groups, especially in the development of avionics, and ask for prayers from the entire academic community. Hopefully, there will be a Master in Applied Avionics in the future.”

First Marshal of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Ret. Sardjono said that this aircraft is widely used in agriculture, including eradicating pests and distributing fertilizers. This aircraft can fly up to 4000-meters with a flight time of 3 to 4 hours.

“I need to say that the meaning of 104 referred to in this series is 1 is the meaning of single-engine, 0 for me is zero accident, and four is 4-seater with one pilot,” Sardjono added.

Sardjono expressed his gratitude to Telkom University for being willing to maintain and revive this aircraft, where this aircraft has been flying since the 60s until it stopped flying in 2006. “Currently, the condition of the aircraft has returned to good condition, and I feel happy that this aircraft can benefit the community. Telkom University academics for research development in the field of avionics.” Say Sardjono

The Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, said that this grant was a stimulus for the Tel-U academic community to continue to develop their research and innovation in the field of avionics. So, the results would be beneficial not only for Tel-U but also for the people and the Indonesian nation.

“Thanks to the First Marshal of the TNI, Retired. Sardjono, for this aircraft grant, hopefully, it can be utilized as well as possible by the academic community in developing research that is beneficial for the Indonesian people,” he said.

The PZL-104 Wilga aircraft is a single-engine aircraft with a capacity of four people and includes a Short Take Off Landing aircraft, which does not require a long runway. This aircraft is also a part of Indonesia’s aerospace history. This aircraft is one of Indonesia’s first types of aircraft through IPTN. The original Polish PZL-104 plane, modified and produced in-house in Indonesia, was later known as Gelatik, the name President Soekarno gave.

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